337 Napoleon Street

New Roads, LA 70760



Thursday, April 23, 2009


The Pointe Coupee Parish School Board met in a regular session on Thursday, April 23, 2009, at 337 Napoleon Street, New Roads, LA.   Mr. James Cline, President, called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m.    


Board members present were Messrs. Chad Aguillard, Frank R. Aguillard, Jr., Brandon Bergeron, James M. Cline, Kevin Hotard, Thomas A. Nelson, Mrs. Debbie Collins, and Mrs. Anita LeJeune.


                                                                           - - - -


Consideration of Building Lease/Agreement.    Mr. Russell Anthony Polar, Executive Director of Winning the Battle Ministry, Inc. (WTBM), had made a request to be placed on the April 23, 2009 School Board Agenda to request consideration to lease the currently closed Pointe Coupee Parish School Board Building located at 1662 Morganza Highway.  He stated that WTBM is a Faith Based Organization, exempt under section 501 c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and it is an out reach of New Life Worship Center, 806 Hospital Road, New Roads, LA 70760.  Mr. Polar mentioned that the mission of WTBM is to demonstrate to the community-at-large how a faith-based organization can effectively partner with other community organizations, schools and government to create and administer community-based and family focused programs aimed at strengthening and improving the quality of the family unit; to bring hope and positively impact the productivity of the citizens of Pointe Coupee and surrounding parishes in the Greater Baton Rouge area.  He also provided information regarding the Board of Directors and their objectives.  Following the presentation, it was decided that this item should be referred to the Building & Grounds Committee.


Upon a motion by Mr. Thomas Nelson, seconded by Mrs. Debbie Collins, the Board voted unanimously to refer this item to the Building & Grounds Committee.


                                                                           - - - -


Recognition of Teachers of the Year.  Mr. Michael J. Lucia, Interim Superintendent and President Cline presented a Certificate of Recognition to the 2010 Pointe Coupee Parish School Board Teachers of the Year.  In addition to their certificate, teachers are provided $500.00 for classroom supplies and equipment for their classrooms.  The following teachers were recognized as 2010 Teachers of the Year:


Anice McGill, Elementary School Level Teacher of the Year;


Deborah Welborn Middle/Junior High School; and


JoAnna Caesar, High School Level Teacher of the Year 


                                                                           - - - -

                                                                  Consent Agenda


The following items are considered to be routine and are enacted with one motion.  There was no separate discussion of items unless a member of the School Board so requests, in which event the item will be  removed from the consent agenda and considered as an item on the regular  agenda for a separate vote preceding the last item on the regular agenda.  Mr. Cline read the consent agenda items. 


Mr. Thomas Nelson made a motion, seconded by Mr. Kevin Hotard, to approve the following consent agenda items:





WHEREAS,       teachers play vital roles in the renewal and regeneration of our democratic society; and


WHEREAS,       they shape the future by helping to influence and train tomorrow's workforce for the demand of a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive and technological society; and


WHEREAS,       they have chosen a profession, which is a demanding one, requiring not only mastery of the subject matter to be taught, but underlying patience and an overriding concern for the well-being of the students' minds and bodies as well; and


WHEREAS,       they transform lives through their work; and


WHEREAS,       they give of themselves by imparting what they know to help others learn.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board proclaims








and encourages all citizens and schools to observe this day by taking time to remember those individuals who inspire children to learn.


Adopted at the regular meeting of the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board on this 23rd day of April, 2009


Michael J. Lucia, Interim Superintendent  Mr. James M. Cline, President

Pointe Coupee Parish School Board        Pointe Coupee Parish School Board


                                                                           - - - -



                                                             End of Consent Agenda


                                                                           - - - -


Committee meeting reports.  Mr. Chad Aguillard, Chairperson of the Consent Committee, reported that he had a meeting on Wednesday, April 18, 2009.  After discussion of the Reduction-in-Force Policy, it is the Committee's recommendation to the Board that an employee leaving position A to go to position B will receive compensation comparative to the position that the person is employed.  The Committee briefly discussed administrative contract renewals as previously explained by Attorney Hammonds; the Committee did not make a recommendation or agree to bring this to the Board.  Mr. Aguillard stated that the Committee also discussed the Fast ForWord Educational Program.

                                                                           - - - -


Revision of Reduction-in-Force Policy.     Mr. Chad Aguillard made a motion, seconded by Mr. Brandon Bergeron, to revise the Reduction-in-Force policy that would remove the wording with no pay decrease so that an employee leaving one position to go to another position will receive compensation comparative to the salary for the position that the employee is transferred to.


                                                                           - - - -


Discussion/action Regarding Monthly Financial Information.   Board members were provided with information relative to the bank statement date ending March 31, 2009, the general fund cash account ending March 31, 2009, the outstanding check report of March 31, 2009, the accounting statement of Revenue and Expenditures for the period ending March 31, 2009, the Pointe Coupee Parish Sales Tax Collection information, and the 2008-2009 MFP student membership information as of April 20, 2009.


                                                                           - - - -


Discussion/action Regarding Fast ForWord Program.  Superintendent Lucia stated that Mrs. Linda D'Amico was attending the LASAFAP Conference in New Orleans. However, she had obtained a "draft" breakdown cost proposal from Gigi Poglitsch, Senior Account Manager Louisiana for Scientific Learning Corporation regarding the Fast ForWord educational program, for the different school campuses.  Mr. Cline stated that principal input is important.  Mr. Lucia informed the Board that Mrs. D'Amico had contacted the St. Mary Parish School Board to inquire about dates that would allow principals and other school personnel from Pointe Coupee to observe the program.  She was informed that they could accommodate our school system on either May 4, May 5, or May 18.  Despite the fact that this is a good program that receives rave reviews, it was the consensus of the Board that it is too premature to take action on the item at this time.  Mrs. Anita LeJeune announced that she was informed that the Louisiana State Department of Education is composing a list of reading programs, for comparative purposes, and that this report should be available at the end of May.


On a motion by Mr. Thomas Nelson, seconded by Mr. Brandon Bergeron, this item was tabled until a subsequent meeting.  Unanimously carried.

                                                                           - - - -


Personnel Actions.  Ms. Cindy O'Meara, Personnel Director, presented the personnel action sheet (A-D) that had been prepared by her department. 


Mr. Kevin Hotard made a motion to approve items A. (Extended Sick Leave); B. (Resignation); and C. (Leave without pay). The motion was seconded by Mr. Frank Aguillard.  Unanimously carried.


A.         Extended Sick Leave.


Shay Chauvin, certified teacher, Valverda Elementary School, effective 03.30.09 (3/4 day) and 03.31.09;


Christine Gustin, school nurse, Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary School, effective 04.22.09 (5 2 hours), 04.23.09, 04.24.09;


Sandra Hebert, certified teacher, Rosenwald Elementary School, effective 04.20.09-04.30.09;


Relda Langlois, custodian, Valverda Elementary School, effective 03.27.09-03.31.09, 04.09.09-04.19.09;


Daisy Maloid, paraprofessional, Rosenwald Elementary School, effective 04.02.09-04.03.09;


Shanika Martin, certified teacher, Valverda Elementary School, effective 03.04.09;


Kelli Messer, certified teacher, Livonia High School, effective 03.18.09, 03.24.09-03.30.09;


Tracy Norris, school food service technician, Valverda Elementary School, effective 03.16.09, 03.26.09, 3.27.09, 03.30.09, 04.02.09, 04.03.09, 04.07.09,  04.08.09; and


Barbara Wood, non-certified teacher, Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary School, effective 03.18.09-03.23.09.


B.         Resignation                  


Joyce Scott, certified teacher, Rosenwald Elementary School, effective 05.22.09

Alphonse Porche, custodian, Pointe Coupee Central High school, effective 05.23.09


C.         Leave Without Pay


Tamara Hebert, non-certified teacher, Livonia High School, effective 05.04.09-05.22.09


Board members were provided with information regarding a possible termination of an employee of the school system.  The employee was present at the meeting and waived the twenty-four hour notice requirement.  This person was given the opportunity to have the discussion heard in an open or an executive session.  Board member Frank Aguillard stated that names of other persons may be mentioned and stated that this should not be done in an open session.  The employee chose to have the discussion in an executive session.


Executive Session.  On a motion by Mr. Chad Aguillard, seconded by Mr. Thomas Nelson, the Board voted unanimously to convene in an executive session at 6:15 p.m. to discuss the possibility of termination of an employee.


Open Session.  Mr. Thomas Nelson made a motion, seconded by Mr. Frank Aguillard, to return to open session at 6:40 p.m.  Motion carried.


Recess.  President James Cline requested a five minute recess at 6:40 p.m.


Open Session.  Upon a motion by Mr. Thomas Nelson, seconded by Mr. Kevin Hotard, the Board returned to open session at 6:50 p.m.  Motion carried.


President Cline stated that the Board had heard Mr. Luc'a's recommendation to terminate the employee.  The employee requested permission to address the Board and asked if the School Board would accept his verbal resignation.


On a motion by Mr. Thomas Nelson, seconded by Mrs. Debbie Collins, no action was taken on agenda item 18-D regarding termination of an employee and the resignation of the employee was accepted. Unanimously carried.

                                                                           - - - -


Superintendent's Remarks.  Superintendent Lucia remarked that the 11.96 tax renewal efforts have been successful thus far, as he has received very receptive endorsements from the town council meetings that he and others have attended.  He mentioned that the Pointe Coupee Farm Bureau Board of Directives has also endorsed their support of the tax renewal, and announced that he would be attending the Police Jury meeting on Tuesday, April 28, 2009.  He reported that yard signs were printed and donated with private funds. Principals were provided with signs for distribution, and stated that signs had been set aside for members of the School Board to take home, and to see him after the meeting. Mr. Lucia stated that the endorsement advertisement, paid for with School Board member funds, will appear in the local journal, The Pointe Coupee Banner.  Additionally, the local chapter of the Louisiana Association of Educators plans to advertise their support with a full size ad in the local paper.  Mr. Roosevelt Gremillion interviewed Superintendent Lucia and he is announcing the election on the radio station.  Superintendent Lucia stated that Mr. Kenneth LeBeau, Principal at False River Academy, and Dr. Glen Bowman, Principal at Catholic of Pointe Coupee were open and glad to disburse the brochures to students/faculty members at their perspective schools.  Mrs. Annie Morrison, of Advance Baton Rouge, also distributed brochures to the students at Pointe Coupee Central, a school currently being operated by ABR.  Mr. Cline publically thanked Mrs. Anita LeJeune for designing the cover of the tri-fold informational brochure mailed to all registered voters in the parish and given to public, private and parochial school students to bring home to their parent/guardian.  He also thanked Dr. Sue Roy for her hard work (PowerPoint presentation, brochure, and her assistance at various meetings), and all of the school system employees for their help with the 11.96 tax renewal initiatives. 


Mr. Cline mentioned that he would like someone to contact the motivational speaker, Ken Brown, that had attended  the 2008 Louisiana School Boards' Southern Region Conference that was held in New Orleans.  Mr. Brown engages participants in a positive way and promotes effective leadership.  President Cline stated that it would be great  to try to schedule him, at any cost, for the mandatory in-service workshop that will be held at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school session.

                                                                           - - - -


Adjournment.  On a motion by Mr. Kevin Hotard, seconded by Mrs. Debbie Collins,  the meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.       




James M. Cline, President                     


Michael J. Lucia, Interim Superintendent