337 Napoleon Street

New Roads, LA 70760



Thursday, July 28, 2011



The Pointe Coupee Parish School Board met in a regular session on Thursday, July 28, 2011, at 337 Napoleon Street, New Roads, LA.  Mr. Chad Aguillard, President, called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.    


Board members present were Chad Aguillard, Frank R. Aguillard, Jr., Brandon Bergeron, James Cline, Leslie Ann Grezaffi, Kevin Hotard, Anita LeJeune, and Thomas Nelson.


Mr. Frank Aguillard led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.


Rev. Carl Terrance  was requested to offer the invocation.

                                                                          - - - -


Consent Agenda


The following items are considered to be routine and are enacted with one motion. 

Mr. Thomas Nelson made a motion, seconded by Mr. Kevin Hotard, to approve the following consent agenda items.  Unanimously carried.



End of Consent Agenda


Head Start Supervisor's Monthly Report.  Mr. Kevin Hotard made a motion to adopt the Head Start Supervisor's July 2011 report.  The motion was seconded by Leslie Grezaffi.

The motion passed.

                                                                          - - - -


Monthly Financial Report. Chief Financial Officer Jared Gibbs provided the following monthly financial information: a reconciled bank statement from Guaranty Bank dated 06/01/11 thru 06/30/11; general fund cash account as of 7/12/11/; an outstanding check report (7/12/11), and the Sales & Use Tax Collection Information (June 2011). He noted that the Operating Statement for the month of June 2011 is not complete due to the work being done with Methods software management to implement the new accounting system numbers that correspond to the Louisiana Accounting and Uniform Government Handbook (LAUGH); this report will be provided at the August School Board meeting.  A short discussion ensued regarding the federal program  (Title I, IDEA, IDEA ARRA, IDEA Preschool) grants.  Superintendent D'Amico stated that all claims and periodic reports were submitted by July 15, 2010 for this fiscal year that ended June 30, 2011 which was the deadline for spending.  The Federal Government requests that you not ask for reimbursements for salaries and benefits prior to actual disbursement of funds closer than two weeks. Therefore, federal program teachers and paraprofessionals, the August 25, 2011-payroll will be claimed on August 15, 2011 for grants that extend to September 30, 2011.  Salaries and sales tax reimbursements are always a month behind the previous month.


Mr. Kevin Hotard made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Leslie Grezaffi to approve the monthly financial information that was presented and prepared by Mr. Jared Gibbs.

                                                                          - - - -


Bids Awarded for School Food Service Department.  Superintendent D'Amico announced that Mrs. Vivian Landry could not be in attendance due to circumstances beyond her control.  Bids for bread, food, milk, non food supplies and small equipment were received, and they were awarded according to specification compliance and lowest price.  Mrs. LeJeune questioned the rising cost of food and if we were positioned to cover the increase. Mrs. D'Amico stated that food prices are increasing due to healthier fruit and vegetable offerings, etc. The federal government slightly increased their reimbursement allowance in an effort to accommodate higher food cost!  Frank Aguillard stated that he would like to recuse himself from voting for this particular agenda item.


Mr. Thomas Nelson made a motion to award bids to vendors as presented by Superintendent D'Amico according to specification compliance and lowest price.  Mr. Kevin Hotard seconded the motion.  The motion to award the bids passed by a 7-1 vote.


The following vendors were awarded bids for Pointe Coupee Parish School Board's School Food Service Department for 2011-2012


                                                                          - - - -


Adoption of the 2011-2012 General Fund Budget. Mr. Gibbs stated that the proposed 2011-2012 general fund budget has been on public review since the June 23, 2011, regular meeting of the School Board. A public review of the 2011-2012 budget was scheduled and held from 5:00 - 5:30 p.m., prior to the regular meeting.  Mr. Kevin Hotard, Chairperson of the Finance Committee, stated that a Committee meeting was held on August 25, 2011 to discuss the proposed 2012-2012 budget. Superintendent D'Amico explained that we are in the process of recoding numbers according to new Louisiana Accounting and Uniform Government Handbook (LAUGH) guidelines using the Methods Pro-Com financial management program; this has been an arduous task for the finance department and is still a work in progress.  Mr. Gibbs reported that he predicts that sales taxes and Ad Valorem taxes will be about the same; therefore, flat budgeted.  Superintendent D'Amico was questioned if enough cuts were made with regard to Reduction-in-Force due to concerns regarding the last time sales taxes were the same in prior years. Superintendent D'Amico stated  capital outlay funds generated from oil income were used for classroom equipment for the 9th grade academy at Livonia High. Mr. Gibbs mentioned that we are expecting lower electrical bills due to the lower cost of operating the new air condition units that were purchased with Qualified School Construction Bond funds. Superintendent D'Amico explained that all of the CNA students will attend Jumonville Technical College  this year since the Registered Nurse/Teacher transferred to Valverda Elementary as a school nurse.  A discussion ensued regarding Pointe Coupee Central High School, operated by Advance Baton Rouge, not offering ROTC this school year. Superintendent D'Amico explained that it was her understanding that once the program leaves the parish, it will not be available again. Superintendent D'Amico factored expenses into the budget in order to offer classes at Livonia High School. The Air Force will reimburse fifty-percent of the salaries and benefits of the officers/teacher and all of student travel expenses. Mr. Cline expressed his concern regarding students from PCCHS requesting to participate in the ROTC program at Livonia High School, as he wants to make sure that they follow the rules and regulations set forth by the public school system.  Superintendent D'Amico explained that several students at PCCHS have had three years of ROTC and they would like to complete their course of study to qualify for possible scholarships.   Mr. Cline stated that until clear rules, procedures and steps are laid out, he did not want to approve the students from PCCHS going to Livonia High.  Board member Cline questioned Principal Gueho regarding her interest and her opinion of the ROTC program.  Mrs. Gueho stated that she thinks that ROTC is a great program, and she is very interested in offering it to the students at Livonia High School. Mr. Frank Aguillard interjected that it took a lot of time and effort to get the ROTC program in the parish and would hate to lose this program. President Chad Aguillard stated that the Superintendent and the Principal will iron out all of the particulars of the program. Kevin Hotard, Chairperson of the Finance Committee, stated that the Finance Committee recommended approval of the 2011-2012 proposed budget.


Mr. Kevin Hotard made a motion to adopt the 2011-2012 general fund budget as presented.  Mr. Frank Aguillard seconded the motion.  Mr. Brandon Bergeron requested a roll call on the motion.


YEAS:             Chad Aguillard, Frank Aguillard, James Cline, Leslie Grezaffi, Kevin Hotard, Anita LeJeune and Thomas Nelson


NAYS:             Brandon Bergeron


ABSTENTIONS:        None


The motion passed by a 7-1 vote of the Board


Mr. Bergeron stated that he has been on the School Board for five years and the fact that the sales tax is estimated as remaining flat in this budget is the reason he did not vote to approve the budget.


Mr. James Cline mentioned that the School Board has had to make some painful cuts to balance the budget.  He mentioned that for the last six to seven years, the Board has had a balanced budget and has received unqualified audits. 

                                                                          - - - -


Personnel Actions.  Mrs. Lisa Huffaker-D'Aquila presented personnel actions to be considered for approval.  A discussion ensued regarding TBA positions (slots) on the approved RIF list.  Superintendent D'Amico announced employee transfers requests had been granted.  She explained that a paraprofessional resigned and a paraprofession was called back to fill the vacant position.  The SIG Grant requires certain positions; therefore, approval of a Parent Liaison/Counselor Job Description and permission to advertise for the position is being requested.  This position is contracted and the salary will be determined by the current Pointe Coupee Parish's Teacher Salary Schedule for the life of the SIG 1003(g) Grant. Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary had a licensed mental health/guidance counselor on staff which meets the requirement; therefore, this counselor was transferred to the Parent Liaison/Counselor position at Upper Pointe Coupee.  A Parent Liaison/Counselor is being requested exclusively for Rosenwald Elementary. Mrs. LeJeune questioned adding employees when a RIF was in effect.

Mr. Frank Aguillard made a motion to accept all of the personnel items as presented..  Mr. Kevin Hotard seconded the motion.  Mr. James Cline requested a roll call.


YEAS:             Chad Aguillard, Frank Aguillard, Brandon Bergeron, Leslie Grezaffi, Kevin Hotard, Thomas Nelson


NAYS:             James Cline and Anita LeJeune


ABSTENTIONS:        None


The motion carried and the following personnel actions were approved by a 6-2 vote of the Board.


A.  Resignations:


Seteria Derozan, Head Start Family Advocate, Valverda Elementary, effective 05.27.11;

Casey Emory, Certified Teacher, Valverda Elementary, effective 05.27.11;

Troy Green, Certified Teacher, Livonia High, effective 07.27.11, and

Mei-Kuei Lin, Paraprofessional, Rosenwald Elementary, effective 05.27.11


B.  Extended Sick Leave:


Carrie Daily, Paraprofessional, Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary, effective 04.21.11-05.27.11


C.  New Hires:


Jessica Acosta-TFA, Practitioner Teacher, Rosenwald Elementary, effective 08.08.11;

Laura Armond, CTTIE Jr. High JAG Specialist, Livonia High, effective 08.08.11;

Dennise Cameron, Certified Teacher, Rougon Elementary, effective 08.08.11;

Rebecca Clark-TFA, Practitioner Teacher, Valverda Elementary, effective 08.08.11;

Katherine Hyder-TFA, Practitioner Teacher, Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary, effective 08.08.11;

Kathryn Hunger-TFA,  Practitioner Teacher, Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary, effective 08.08.11;

Brian Meadows, Certified Teacher, Livonia High, effective 08.08.11;

Samantha Slim-TFA, Practitioner Teacher, Rosenwald Elementary, effective 08.08.11;

Jessica Smith, LRCE, Practitioner Teacher, Rosenwald Elementary, effective 08.08.11;

Virginia Somers-LRCE, Practitioner Teacher, Livonia High, effective 08.08.11;

Sharnette Russell, Certified Teacher, Rosenwald Elementary, effective 08.08.11


D.  Adoption of the 2011-2012 Teacher List:


LIVONIA HIGH SCHOOL - Stacy Gueho, Principal; Angelle Gosserand and Michael Todd, Assistant Principals; Lucy Boley, Robert Burson, Annie Butler, David Brewerton, Pamela Byrd, JoAnna Caeser, Misty Childers, Brandi Chism,  Michael Chrestman, Clifford Commeaux, Allen Crain, Dawn David, Jill Durbin, Lynette Dutsch, Dian Graft, Gary Hardy, Tamara M. Hebert, Katherine Hunger-PL, Lance Jarreau, Kenneth Langlois-PL, Michael Langlois, Jason Lemoine, Madyson Lubba, Brian Meadows Kelli Messer, Bernadette Moore, Charles Redding, Paul Robillard, William Schildknecht, Elizabeth Stafford, Audrea Stuart, Danielle Tarver, Anthony Turner, Diane Veal, Jennifer Vulgamore and Deborah Welborn;  Special Education- Janice Butler, Adair Chustz, Karen Harrell -OS, Samuel Kim, Lishanda Lewis, Fran Major (gifted); Guidance Counselors-Malana Bessix and Wykescha Young; Curriculum Coordinator, Virginia Langland, Jag Teacher/Specialist-Lisa Jarreau; Jr. High Jag Specialist-Laura Armond; AIP-StevenThomas;Ag Teacher -LaMark Tarver; Welding Instructor -Randy Jarreau; Librarian-Kristie Langlois, Speech Therapist- Kala Gonzales; and School Nurse- Lisa Haynes.


SCHOOL BASED HEALTH CLINIC- Jessica Langlois, Social Worker (located at Pointe Coupee Central/Rosenwald)                                           


ROSENWALD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL- Marilyn Taylor, Principal; Tabitha Ransom, Assistant Principal; Pamela McDonald, Ruth Ricard, Katherine Black, Lauren Burnett, Peggy Howle, Ingrid Nelson, Nola Kosowsky, Miranda Gremillion, Samantha Slim-TFA, Jessica Smith-PLDonney McVay, Annette Walker, Emma Kingdon, Diana McClain, Lauren Mayfield, Roberta Averill, Verna Dixon, Jessica Acosta-TFA, Sandra Hebert, Sharnette Russell, Tamala Wilkerson, Joyce Nelson, Toni Northern, Ophelia Dixon, Ashley Chatman, Josita Christophe, Judy Sutton, Rebecca Muller - OFAT, Timothy Humphreys-OS; Librarian-Marie Ladmiralut; Speech Therapist-Cherie Smith; School Nurse -Rhonda Anderson; Master Teachers--Natalie Aguillard and Amanda Fontenot (SIG Grant), Marcie Cazayoux-Master Teacher(Title II); Adapted Physical Education (Parishwide)- Paula Padget; Physical Education-Stacy Richardson; Art-Gracie Amos; Computer Lab-Benjamin Scherrer (on sabbatical leave); Ensuring Literacy For All (SIG)-Robin Delaune; Numeracy Teacher- Marco Ramirez (SIG), and Head Start Teachers Stacy Bellazin, Margo Edwards and Eewaynia Smith.


ROUGON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL- Ted David, Principal; Patsy Langlois, Assistant Principal; Yvette Magruder, Jeanie Aguillard, Renee Glaser, Lucie Lorio, Becky Part, Elisa Claire Babin, Susan Kittrell, Nancy Kindy, Julie Langlois, Bridget Allement, Shanna Jarreau, April Bergeron, Suzette Cox, Geneva Brisco, Tara Caubarreaux, Peggy Vosburg, Susan Hoffman, Jamie Jarreau, Debbie LeBlanc, Nikita Dukes, Dennise Cameron, Keith Osburn, Kathy Saizan, Kasey Lagrone-PL; AIP Paraprofessional-Carla Washington; Special Education/Intervention-Carl Hecket and Lisa Charlton, LTS and John Gaspard (on sabbatical leave); Physical Education-Andrew Martin; Librarian-Priscilla Owens; Title II Literacy Coach/Interventionist-Jan Lemoine; Speech Therapist-Nichole Doucet; Nurse-Paula Fulmer; Ensuring Literacy For All-Sherrie Morsey; Social Worker (FQHC)- Amanda Smith; and Head Start Teachers - Jennifer Felton and Ali LeJeune.


UPPER POINTE COUPEE ELEMENTARY- Myron Brown, Principal; Carolyn Wells, Assistant Principal; Yolanda Jones, Megan West, Dianne Vaccaro, Ginger Marrioneaux-PL, Sheila Draper, Donna Butler, Tammy Miller, Katherine Corner; Gwendolyn Draper, Sandra Oucqueteau, Mary Helen Roy, Willie Mae Wright, Mercedis Howard, Epps, Erica Lim, Pearl Smith; AIP Carlette Richard (Paraprofessional); Shirley Soprano and Katherine Hyder, Special Education Teachers; Martha LaCour (OFAT)-Special Education Early Intervention Itinerant; Physical Education -Wendy Carnes (PL)-; Numeracy-Dawn Cobb (SIG); Ensuring Literacy For All- Paul Gremillion; Master Teachers -Karen Barrios (Title II) and Mary Drummer (SIG); Librarian-Ashley Chauvin (OFAT); Speech Therapist-Toni Guerin; Counselor/Parent Liaison-Latosha Nelson (SIG), and Head Start Teachers Antoinette Bergeron and Buehla Epps.



VALVERDA ELEMENTARY- Bridget Berry, Principal; Assistant Principal (tba); Kerri Night, Anice McGill, Casey Brewerton, Kim Neal, Tammy Plauche, Misty Vosburg, Brandy Boudreaux, Everlyn Jackson, Wanda Kimble, Kristen Cantwell, Lindsey Loreno, Stephanie Witty, Sharon LeCoq, Becky Templeton, Mary Katherine Campbell, Denise Circello, Tiffany Davis, JoAnn Hebert, Jill Thibodeaux, Catherine Olinde, Kathy Rivet, Denice Major, Shanika Martin, Karen Langland, Odelia Best, Bridget Bush, Susan Collura, Frannie Landry, Shay Chauvin, Gloria Richard (AIP); Special Education - Keirstin Kuhlman, Mary Fowler, Rebecca Clark (PL), and Elnora Johnson (Homebound); Physical Education - Warren Glaser and Josh Dibendetto; Librarian-Nikki Landry (intervention); Title II Professional Development Coach-Kim Canezaro; Speech Therapist-Stephanie Morgan; School Nurse-Miriam Engemann; Ensuring Literacy For All-Donna Langlois; Social Worker (FQHC)-Heather Jarreau, and Head Start Teachers-Jeannie Torres and tba.


E.  Ratification of Contract Renewals for School System Administrators

The following contracts are effective: 07.01.11- 06.30.13.












Principals: (Funding Source:  General Fund)




Assistant Principals: (Funding Source:  General Fund)





F.   Approval of the Parent Liaison/Counselor Job Description (Temp/Contract Position)


G.  Permission granted  to Advertise for a Temp/Contracted Parent Liaison/Counselor for Rosenwald Elementary (Funded by SIG 1003G Grant).

                                                                          - - - -


Adoption of the 2011-2012 Student Handbook & Code of Conduct.  On a motion by Mr. Thomas Nelson, seconded by Mr. Kevin Hotard, the Board voted to adopt the 2011-2012 Student Handbook and Code of Conduct as presented by LaShonda Victorian, Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance, with printing by New Roads Printing. The motion carried.                                                                        

 - - - -


Revisions to Policies.  Superintendent D'Amico read highlights from the newsletter associated with proposed revisions to policies as prepared by Forethought Consulting, Inc.


Mr. Kevin Hotard made a motion, seconded by Mr. Brandon Bergeron, to approve the revision to policies BCBH (Board Meetings), DFD (Tax and Bond Elections and Sales), JB (Attendance), JBD (Student Absences and Excuses), and KGB (Public Conduct on School Property), as prepared by Forethought Consulting, Inc.  The motion carried.

                                                                          - - - -


Discussion/Action Regarding Policy IKDA.  Superintendent D'Amico read Policy IKDA which states that the United States Flag should be displayed daily on or near the main administration building on all occupied Pointe Coupee Parish School Board facilities during school days. It should not be displayed during inclement weather.  However, the Flag may be displayed at night when properly illuminated with a "spot light."  Mrs. D'Amico announced that six flags have been ordered; one flag will be given to each school in our parish and one flag for the central office.  Mr. Fuselier plans to remove the flag pole from the former central office and place it at the new office.  It was stated that the large flag donated by community persons and given to Livonia High School a couple of years ago will continue to be used in the front of that school; a new flag will be placed on the football field at Livonia High School.  Mr. Frank Aguillard was adamant about educating students about the significance of the flag.  He emphasized that Veterans have expressed their feelings to him about displaying the flag properly on school campuses.  Superintendent D'Amico will address this at the next Principals' meeting on August 2, 2011.


Mr. Frank Aguillard made a motion to include the words God Bless America on Policy IKDA.  Mr. James Cline seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

                                                                          - - - -


Adoption of a Resolution Regarding Exemption from State Fuel Excise Taxes.  On a motion by Mr. James Cline, seconded by Mr. Thomas Nelson, the following Resolution was adopted by a unanimous vote of the Board.




WHEREAS, each and every gallon of fuel, whether gasoline or diesel, used by Louisiana Public

School Systems is burdened by a State Excise Tax imposed at the rate of 20 cents per gallon;


WHEREAS, Governor Jindal has adamantly and energetically opposed any form of taxation as an insidious expansion of government fatal to jobs, opportunity for the State's citizens, and the development of business;


WHEREAS, Governor Jindal has fought to shield the cigarette industry from the renewal of taxes intended to reduce the debilitating impact of smoking and to ameliorate the cost of healthcare for victims of tobacco use;


WHEREAS, any State official so protective of implements of illness and death must surely oppose the continuation of a tax imposed upon school children doing their best to get to school and secure an education;


WHEREAS, the public school systems in Louisiana have been sufficiently penalized by the State=s oppressive imposition of unfunded mandates and unrelenting erosion of funding for elementary and secondary education;


WHEREAS, siphoning more money out of the pockets of school children by exacting taxes for their transportation to school undermines their efforts to pursue educational opportunity;


WHEREAS, though relief from the State=s fuel excise tax might be modest, this School System will gratefully accept a crumb in preference to being starved outright.


NOW THEREFORE, the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board hereby resolves, petitions, begs and implores Governor Jindal and the State Legislature to create an exemption from fuel excise taxes in favor of the public school systems of the State and thereby relieve elementary and secondary school children, through their schools boards, from the burden of State taxation upon school transportation;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be provided to Governor Jindal and the elected representatives of this Parish together with a plea for relief from the continuation of unwarranted and unwise taxation;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Transportation Director and the Parish Superintendent are hereby directed to dedicate themselves to the eradication of the fuel excise tax as it impacts public school systems.


THUS SAID, DONE AND PASSED by the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board on the 28th day of July 2011.



Chad Aguillard, President



Linda D. D'Amico, Superintendent


                                                                          - - - -


Remarks form the Superintendent.  Superintendent D'Amico stated that the 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) and remediation program ended on a very positive note.  Children enjoyed well-planned academic lessons, dance, music, art and swimming lessons, as well as educational field trips.  The 2011-2012 school year kicks off for grades 1-12 on Thursday, August 11, 2011 (one-half day schedule) and a full day on Friday, August 12, 2011.  Parents of Pre-K and Kindergarten students should register their children to receive a testing date and a start date schedule from their assigned school.  Head Start is still accepting applications for the 2011-2012 school year.  She announced that Mr. James "Big Brown" Joseph has initiated a "STUFF THE UPS" campaign to assist the school system in obtaining back to school supplies, etc., for our most needy students.  The UPS truck will be located at Winn-Dixie on Saturday, August 6, 2011, from 8:00 a.m. -

3:00 p.m., and at WAL-MART in New Roads, LA on Sunday, August 7, 2011, from 8:00 - 3:00 p.m.

                                                                          - - - -


Adjournment.  On a motion by Mr. Thomas Nelson, seconded by Mr. Frank Aguillard, the meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.





Chad Aguillard, President



Linda D. D'Amico, Superintendent