337 Napoleon Street

New Roads, LA  70760



Thursday, November 17, 2011


The Pointe Coupee Parish School Board met in a regular session on Thursday, November 17, 2011, at 337 Napoleon Street, New Roads, Louisiana 70760.  Mr. Chad Aguillard, President, called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Board members present were Chad Aguillard, Frank R. Aguillard, Jr., Brandon Bergeron, James Cline, Leslie Ann Grezaffi, Kevin Hotard and Thomas Nelson.


Mrs. Anita LeJeune was absent.


Mr. Thomas Nelson led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.


Mr. Larry Bossier was requested to offer the invocation.

- - - -

Consent Agenda


The following items are considered to be routine and are enacted with one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of items unless a member of the School Board so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the consent agenda and considered as an item on the regular agenda for a separate vote.


Mr. Kevin Hotard made a motion, seconded by Mr. Thomas Nelson, to approve the following consent agenda items.  The motion carried.


  1. Approval of the regular School Board meeting minutes of Thursday, October 27, 2011.

  2. Approval of the minutes from the Executive Committee meeting of Thursday, November 10, 2011.   


                                                             End of Consent Agenda


Head Start Supervisor’s Monthly Report.   Mr. Kevin Hotard made a motion, seconded by Mr. Thomas Nelson, to adopt the Head Start Supervisor’s monthly report, including the 2012-2013 Refunding Application, and the Annual Report to the public.  The motion carried.


Discussion and/or Action Regarding Monthly Financial Information.  Chief Financial Officer Jared Gibbs provided copies of the following monthly financial information:  The reconciled bank statement from Guaranty Bank (10/01/11- 10/31/11), the general fund cash bank statement & other current asset balances ending 10/31/2011, sales tax collections for years 2010 and 2011, sales and use tax revenue, sales tax distribution for municipalities, Ad Valorem and Minimum Foundation Program Revenue, and the accounting statement of general fund revenue and expenditures ending 10/28/11.


Mr. Kevin Hotard made a motion, seconded by Mr. Thomas Nelson, to accept the monthly financial information as presented by Mr. Gibbs.


Personnel Actions.  Mrs. Lisa Huffaker-D’Aquila presented personnel actions A-G to be considered for approval.  Mr. Brandon Bergeron stated that he had questions regarding (B) Consider Approval of Temporary Employees.  A discussion ensued regarding funding sources associated with the three listed positions. Superintendent D’Amico stated that Livonia High School tried to manage with just a teacher in the Alternative Instructional Program (AIP); however, a contracted temporary paraprofessional position previously RIF’d had to be reinstated for safety and environmental purposes.  The AIP position will be paid with general funds.  Superintendent D’Amico explained that the child attendant position is needed due to a student’s IEP, with funding from IDEA.  Mrs. Grezaffi questioned if this position is mandated; the Supervisor of Special Education Mary Wells stated that the position is not mandated, but needed. Mr. Bergeron, voiced his concerns about the current financial status with regard to temporarily employed personnel, as he has not seen a budget revision; therefore, he requested to pull item B to be voted upon separately


Mr. Frank Aguillard made a motion to approve Personnel Action items A, C, D, E, F & G, as presented by Mrs. D’Aquila.  Mrs. Leslie Grezaffi seconded the motion.  The motion carried and the following personnel actions were approved:


  1.  Extended Sick Leave Granted:

    Tina Leonard, Bus Driver, False River Academy, effective 11.03.11-12.02.11;

    Mercedis Howard, Certified Teacher, Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary, effective 11.01.11-01.05.12; and

    Carol Smith, Custodian, Livonia High School, effective 11.14.11-12.20.11


    1.  Approval of School Food Service Manager at Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary:

      Ada Orsak, effective 11.28.2011


    2. Retirements:

      Stacie Myers, Bus Driver, Rougon Elementary School, effective 11.04.11


    3. Resignations:

      Robyn Belle, Practitioner Teacher, Rosenwald Elementary School, effective 11.18.11;

      Jared Gibbs, Chief Financial Officer, Central Office, effective 11.18.11; and

      Rita Gongora, Certified Teacher, Valverda Elementary School, effective 11.18.11


    4. Sabbatical Leave:

      Mercedis Howard, Certified Teacher, Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary, effective 2nd semester of 2011-2012 school year (01.06.12 - 05.24.12)


    5. Approval of Revisions to Bookkeeper Job Description


    Mr. Frank Aguillard made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Leslie Grezaffi, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation to fill three temporary employee positions at Valverda and Livonia.  Mr. Brandon Bergeron requested a roll call that resulted in the following:


    YEAS:                          Chad Aguillard, Frank Aguillard, Leslie Grezaffi, Kevin Hotard, and Thomas Nelson

    NAYS:                          Brandon Bergeron

    ABSENT:                      James Cline and Anita LeJeune


    The motion passed by 5-1 vote of the School Board members that were present when the roll was called, and the following temporary positions were approved:


  2.  Consider Approval of Temporary Employees:


Maddie Olinde, Paraprofessional (Title I - 4 hours), Valverda Elementary School, effective 10.18.11;

Mary Toussaint, Paraprofessional (AIP/general fund), Livonia High School, effective 11.01.11;

Melenia Vidrine, Child Attendant (IDEA - 4hours), Valverda Elementary School, effective 11.07.11


Approval of Addendum to Pupil Progression Plan. Mrs. Lisa Huffaker-D’Aquila reported that due to a new requirement by the State, an addendum is needed to our Pupil Progression Plan regarding LAA 2 Students and End of Course (EOC)Testing .


Mr. Thomas Nelson made a motion, seconded by Mr. Frank Aguillard, to approve the Addendum to the Pupil Progression Plan.  The motion carried.


Federal Programs.  Mrs. Karla Jack, Supervisor of Federal Programs, prepared an overview of Federal Programs that included Value-Added Reports and Performance Payout Information pertaining to the 2010-2011 Teacher Advancement Program (TAP).  She reminded everyone that the information she would be presenting regards instruction in the school and the effect it has on student learning.  Mrs. Jack explained that our goal is to better understand how the data can inform what we do for our schools, our teachers, and our students.  The TAP Value-Added analysis uses statistical methodology and individual student achievement data to measure academic gain or ”value-added” for a group of students over a specific period of time; Value-added analysis provides a picture of how much education "value" was added during a specific time period; Value-added scores (classroom achievement and school-wide achievement) are one of the factors utilized in the determination of the TAP Teacher Evaluation Performance Award. Value-added emphasizes the amount of growth that a student makes over the course of a school year.  Traditional school accountability measures emphasize where the student is at the end of the school year (”attainment”). Value-added assessment considers the amount a student is projected to grow, based on the student’s historical data, compared with similar schools/students across the state using I LEAP 4, 5, 6; School-wide value-added provides a valuable estimate of the school’s impact on student learning.  Classroom value-added provides a valuable estimate of the teacher’s impact on student learning. Mrs. Jack emphasized that first and foremost value-added is growth, not attainment. She illustrated the value-added measurement by using tree growth to show the difference between Teacher J and Teacher K with regard to teacher effectiveness   Teacher J had low achieving (disadvantaged) students at the end of year one, but received higher than average growth during the end of the school year, whereas Teacher K had high achieving (advantaged) students at the end of year one, but received lower than average growth during the school year at the end of year two.  It was noted that although the end of the two year tree for Teacher K (representing the attainment of Teacher K’s students) was taller than the end of year two tree for Teacher J, Teacher J was actually the more effective teacher based on his/her students demonstrating higher than average growth. Mrs. Jack mentioned the following regarding TAP and Louisiana Value-Added:  Louisiana TAP currently uses the SAS EVVAS Value-Added Model, from North Carolina, developed by Dr. William Sanders in 1999; Recently, the state of Louisiana has develop its own Value-Added Model, created in 2007 and similar in many ways to the model developed by Dr. Sanders; It is projected that the Louisiana value-added model will eventually be utilized in Louisiana TAP schools for the purposes of performance pay.  The TAP Teacher Performance Award Factors are as follows:  All teachers will receive a score of 50% for teacher skills, knowledge and responsibility (SKR), with a payout of 2.5 or better from a pool of set aside money plus (+) teachers who teach state-tested subjects/grades will receive 30% for the student/classroom achievement value-added score, 20% for the school-wide achievement value-added score, or teachers who teach non-state-tested subjects will receive 50% for the school-wide achievement value-added score.  Mrs. Jack also presented graphs depicting how teacher compensation is determined for tested grades and subjects and non-tested grades and subjects.  For tested grades and subjects:  the teacher skills, knowledge & responsibilities are determined by evaluations using TAP Rubrics and Responsibility Survey resulting in 50%; the individual student value-added achievement is determined by approved testing and is 30%; the school-wide value-added student achievement is 20%.  For non-tested grades and subjects: the teacher skills, knowledge and responsibilities determined by evaluations using TAP Rubrics and Responsibility Survey is 50% and the school-wide value-added student achievement determined by approved testing is 50%.  Mrs. Jack further explained that the TAP Teacher Performance Award Factors are determined by the amount of performance payout money available per teacher and that TIF is required to contribute $2,500.00 in the pool per teacher.  Factors are the number of teachers in the school; career categories with regard to the following:  career teacher with classroom value-added score; career teacher with no classroom value-added score; mentor teacher with classroom value-added score; mentor teacher with no classroom value-added score; master teacher with classroom value-added score and master teacher with no classroom value-added score; SKR scores of teacher and value-added scores for school/classroom.  The Louisiana process is as follows: 


  1. Value-Added analysis is done by SAS-EVAAS 2.  Louisiana teacher data and curriculum data, as annually submitted by district to LDE, is sent to SAS.  3.  Student/Teacher/Course Linkages verified by teachers and principals using the Curriculum Verification Reporting (CVR) Portal; revisions to SAS.  4.  Louisiana student testing data is sent to SAS.  5.  SAS provides LDE with value-added analysis.  6.  TAP state staff enters value-added scores provided by SAS into Performance Pay Compensation Worksheet in CODE.  7.  Reports and Pay Calculations worksheets released to District and Schools (today’s meeting).  8.  Reports verified by TAP School Principals.  9.  Superintendents are notified that payouts can be released.  10.  Principals provide teacher performance award information and Districts announce/provide teacher performance awards. It was noted that payouts will be made sometime in January.  A cap is placed on the amount each school yea it rolls over until 1.3 million is utilized for the grant.  Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) is for five years.  Board member Grezaffi stated that there is a lot of work for teachers to do. 


Mr. Cline arrived at 6:27 p.m.


Data Reports.   Mrs. Kristy LaCoste presented DIBELS data for all schools in Pointe Coupee Parish beginning with the school year 2011-2012.   The Distribution Report indicates a color coded percentage breakdown identifying low risk/established/core support; some risk/emerging/strategic support and at risk/deficit, intensive support by school for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade and fourth grade.  She also addressed the Louisiana Department of Education’s critical goals report for Pointe Coupee Parish School Board.  Mrs. LaCoste presented comparison benchmark data from school years 2008-2009, 2009-2010, and 2010-2011. It was noted that Rosenwald Elementary School’s entering KN students scored significantly higher than previous years without Early Childhood Initiatives. Critical Goals 1-7 were reviewed relative to measurement, ultimate goals and immediate goals, as well as a partial list of focused programs/initiatives (After School Interventions; Cecil J. Picard LA4 Early Childhood Program; Comprehensive Learning Support System; Ensuring Literacy and Numeracy for All; Positive Behavior Support and Response to Intervention).  Superintendent D’Amico also mentioned that she has been addressing Critical Goals in The Pointe Coupee Banner for the last several weeks.  Critical Goal 1:  Students enter Kindergarten ready to learn; Critical Goal 2:  Students are literate by the third grade; Critical Goal 3:  Students will enter fourth grade on time; Critical Goal 4:  Students Perform At or Above Grade Level in English Language Arts by Eighth Grade; Critical Goal 5:  Students Perform At or Above Grade Level in Math By Eighth Grade; Critical Goal 6:  Students will graduate on time; Critical Goal 7:  Students will enroll in post-secondary education or graduate workforce ready. 


Presentations from School Principals/Assistant Principals.  Stacy Gueho, Principal of Livonia High School; Tabitha Ransom, Assistant Principal of the ”new” Rosenwald Elementary School; Patsy Langlois, Assistant Principal of Rougon Elementary; Carolyn Wells, Assistant Principal of Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary; and Bridget Berry, Principal of Valverda Elementary, prepared handouts and addressed the Board regarding the strategies that they are using to improve school performance scores for 2011-2012.  Mrs. Pinsonat, District Transformation Officer, paid with funding from the SIG Grant, shared a power-point presentation regarding the Eagle tool for teachers to use in their classrooms for benchmarking purposes.  She reviewed the data that can be retrieved to help students improve skills in preparation for statewide testing and presented the first SIG data reports.


Consider Acting as Fiscal Agent for Pointe Coupee Parish Broadband Grant.    Mr. Thomas Nelson made a motion, seconded by Mr. James Cline, to table the agenda item regarding the School Board acting as Fiscal Agent for the Broadband Grant.  The motion carried.


Participation in Striving Readers’ Grant.  Louisiana was one of six states to receive a Federal Literacy Grant. The Striving Reader’s Comprehensive Literacy Project Grant is to improve the school readiness and success for disadvantaged youth by advancing their literacy skills, including the pre-literacy skills of children birth to age 5. It establishes a comprehensive approach to literacy development based on Louisiana’s Comprehensive Literacy Plan (LACLIP), for birth -12.  It aligns policies, resources, and practices with five interconnected core components consisting of Leadership and Sustainability; Standards-Based Curriculum; Assessment System; Instruction and Intervention; and Professional Learning and Resources.  All LEAs, including charters, can apply and applicants are required to partner with non-profit early childhood provider(s); implement LACLIP in a cluster (feeder system); select a feeder system that includes the greatest number of disadvantaged children; and allocated funding of the following: 15% - birth to age 5; 40% kindergarten to grade 5; 40% equitable distribution between middle and high schools.  Alignment with other federal, state and local funds include Title I, Title II-A, Title III, Head Start, IDEA, and College and Career.  It was announced that Rougon and Livonia High School will be the two schools targeted the first year, with Valverda following; Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary and Rosenwald will be receiving the professional development component.  The pre-application is due on November 30, 2011, and permission from the School Board is necessary to participate.


Board member Thomas Nelson stated that based on the information presented at tonight’s meeting, he can feel the enthusiasm from the staff.


Early childhood education is very important for student success.  It was mentioned that the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board has been a grantee of the Head Start Program for two years, and universal Pre-K for three years. 


Board member Leslie Grezaffi, expressed her excitement with regard to all of the wonderful programs being implemented and looks forward to the future educational success of the system.


Mr. Frank Aguillard made a motion, seconded by Mr. Thomas Nelson, to accept the Superintendent’s recommendation to write the pre-application for the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board to participate in the Striving Readers Grant for submission by November 30, 2011, and if selected, permission to also write the full application.  The motion carried.


Permission Granted for Livonia High School to Raise Funds to Complete the Student-Designed Project for the Campus Courtyard Area.  Mr. William Schildknecht, a middle school math teacher at Livonia High School, could not be in attendance at the regular School Board meeting. However, he had previously addressed the Executive Committee to request permission to include an item on the agenda regarding approval to proceed with fundraising and procurement to redesign the Livonia High School Courtyard. Mr. Schildknecht provided the winning student designed plan that depicts a balanced approach born from students who took their time and considered social, logistical, and economical factors while designing the courtyard for their school. He mentioned that an engineering company has already donated the proposed courtyard site plan scale and preliminary costs.  On behalf of his students, Mr. Schildknecht requested to have the School Board’s blessing to seek and receive materials in the form of donations that will allow students the opportunity to transform their school by allowing their school-community vision to become a reality.  Mr. Cline requested that the Building and Grounds Committee include an item on their agenda to determine how the school system can assist with this project.


Mr. Chad Aguillard made a motion, seconded by Mr. James Cline, to grant permission for Livonia High School to raise funds to complete the student designed project for the campus courtyard area.  The motion carried.


Revision to  Policy BCBD.   Board member Frank Aguillard announced that he had sponsored revision of the policy pertaining to placing an item on the agenda due to lack of representation at recent meetings.


On a motion by Mr. Frank Aguillard, seconded by Mr. Thomas Nelson, the Board voted unanimously to revise Policy BCBD to include the following language:  The patron, or their designee, requesting the business item to be placed on the agenda must be present at the Executive Committee meeting, and if the item is approved for adoption, the patron, or their designee, must be present at the regular meeting of the School Board.


Remarks from the Superintendent. Mrs. D’Amico announced that the Executive Committee meeting will meet on Thursday, December 8, 2011, and the regular School Board meeting will be Thursday, December 15, 2011.  The Livonia High School Football team beat North De Soto High School 31-28.  They have advanced to the second round of the District 3-A playoffs and will play in New Orleans on Friday, November 18, 2011, against McMain High School. She announced due to the need to use First Student buses for transportation of players, cheerleaders, band and the dance team, Valverda Elementary and Livonia High School will be dismissing at 1:00 p.m. the day of the game.  All other schools will dismiss at regular times and all district employees are to dismiss at their regular time unless they are attending the game. Rosenwald Elementary will have a Health Fair from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 19, 2011, with fun family activities and lunch. Students and teachers are off from Monday, November 21 - Friday, November 25, 2011 for the Thanksgiving Holidays.  However, twelve-month employees (Principals, Janitors, Central Office and Maintenance Employees) are scheduled to work on Monday, November 21, and Tuesday, November 22, 2011; some employees have chosen to use their personal vacation days.  She wished everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


Adjournment. On a motion by Mr. Thomas Nelson, seconded by Mr. Frank Aguillard, the meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.



Chad Aguillard, President



Linda D’Amico, Superintendent