337 Napoleon Street

New Roads, LA  70760



Thursday, July 24, 2014


The Pointe Coupee Parish School Board met for their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, July 24, 2014, at 337 Napoleon Street in New Roads Louisiana 70760. President Frank R. Aguillard, Jr., called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


President Aguillard requested Mr. James Cline lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.


Mrs. Karen Shaw was requested to offer the invocation.


Board members present for roll call were: Chad Aguillard, Frank Aguillard, Brandon Bergeron, James Cline, Leslie Grezaffi, Kevin Hotard, Anita LeJeune and Thomas Nelson.

- - - -

Consent Agenda


The following items are considered to be routine and are enacted with one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of items unless a member of the School Board so requests, in which the item will be removed from the consent agenda and considered as an item on the regular agenda for a separate vote.


Mr. Thomas Nelson made a motion, seconded by Mr. Brandon Bergeron, to approve the following consent agenda items.  The motion carried.


·       Approval of the minutes from the regular School Board meeting of Thursday, June 26, 2014.

·       Approval of the minutes from the Executive Committee meeting of Thursday, July 17, 2014.

- - - -

Receive the Head Start Supervisor’s Monthly Report.    Mrs. Karen Shaw, Supervisor of Head Start, asked if there were any questions regarding her monthly report placed on BoardDocs, which included a letter from the Office of Head Start’s Region VI Office informing the School Board of the re-assignment of our Program Specialist from Geralyn Boyles to Maugarra Walker.  Mr. Cline inquired about staffing; Mrs. Shaw stated that the program was staffed. Mrs. Shaw also stated there are a few slots for children to attend at all elementary schools and recruiting is on-going in the parish. She announced the Six Annual Health Fair for our Head Start children and families on Tuesday, August 5, 2014, from 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. that will be held at the William H. Scott Civic Center at 1200 Major Parkway in New Roads.  Mrs. Shaw stated community partners, from 60-70 different agencies, will be participating again this year.  She invited the School Board members to stop by and mix and mingle with the families and community partners throughout the day as their schedule permitted. Mrs. Shaw was requested to send an email reminding them of the event. 


On a motion by Mr. Thomas Nelson, seconded by Mr. Kevin Hotard, the Board voted to receive the Head Start monthly report as prepared by Mrs. Karen Shaw.  The motion carried.

- - - -

School Bus Transportation Update 2014-2015.  Superintendent D’Amico stated she had been working with First Student Personnel regarding routes and time schedules and mentioned they had prepared a PowerPoint Presentation for tonight’s meeting. Mr. Tony Vidrine, Area General Manager; Gerald J. Rivette, Location Manager, and Lydell Banks, Safety Manager, with First Student America, reviewed information pertaining to the startup bus progress for the 2014-2015 school year.     

- - - -

Discussion and/or Action Regarding Property Insurance.  Mr. Stephen Langlois stated the school system’s property insurance expires on August 15, 2014.  A property insurance quote was received from Cazayoux Insurance Agency, Inc., the same agency that has assisted us with obtaining coverage for the last 6-8 years.  Mr. Langlois mentioned the deductible from RSUI Indemnity Company – (Admitted, Best Rating A+ XIV) will be the same; however, because of adding six new modular buildings and a new restroom facility at one of the schools, there is a premium increase of $16,000 to $18,000. 


Mr. Kevin Hotard made a motion, seconded by Mr. Brandon Bergeron, to approve the property insurance renewal from Cazayoux Insurance, effective August 15, 2014 – August 15, 2015. 

- - - -

Monthly Financial Information.     Mr. Brandon Bergeron made a motion, seconded by Mr. Kevin Hotard, to approve the monthly financial information relative to June 2014, as prepared by Chief Financial Officer Stephen Langlois.  The motion carried.

- - - -

Authorization to Advertise the Proposed 2014-2015 General Fund Budget for Public Review.  Mr. Brandon Bergeron, Chairman of the Finance Committee, stated the Committee met with Superintendent D’Amico and Chief Financial Officer Langlois on July 14, 2014, to review the proposed general fund budget.  It was decided at that meeting they would meet again a half an hour before the regular School Board meeting this evening allowing 1 ½ weeks to further review the budget.  Mr. Bergeron mentioned the agenda item regarding an off-site alternative school is on tonight’s agenda for consideration of approval and mentioned the one-year additional costs that will incur during the 2014-2015 FY. 


Mr. Stephen Langlois stated the budget is fiscally conservative and it is estimated to have $ 766,778.80 in deficit spending for the 2014-2015 school year.  The budget letter reflected there are several factors that have led to this deficit.  Retirement and health insurance costs for teachers and employees are budgeted to rise 7.8%; technology updates are being made to meet the requirements mandated by the Louisiana State Department of Education; the purchase of textbooks for curriculum alignment with state standards for the upcoming  2014-2015 school term; costs associated with acquiring six new modular buildings (4 @ Livonia, 1 @ Valverda and 1 @ Rougon) due to increase in student enrollment at three schools; severance payouts due to anticipated employee retirements during the 2014-2015 fiscal year; increase in repairs and maintenance; personnel added to general fund previously paid by grants; as well as step increases and compensation associated with the effectiveness teaching model.  It was mentioned the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board will continue to experience some of the above mentioned costs year to year; however, the majority of the costs aforementioned is considered to be “one-time costs” and will not continue after the end of the year. The aim is to align our financial resources with the mission ultimately to educate our children to become productive citizens in our parish, state, nation and beyond. Administration and the School Board will continue to seek additional methods for l cost containment measures for 2014-2014 will continue to be implemented,  along with pursuing ways of increasing revenue for the system; will be sought by Administration and the School Board. 


Mr. Bergeron stated the Finance Committee’s recommendation is to place the proposed 2014-2015 general fund budget on public review and made the motion to post the budget. Mr. Kevin Hotard seconded the motion.  The motion carried.


Chief Financial Officer will have the budget available for public review in the Central Office; a public notice will be published in the local journal indicating review times, the date of the public hearing, including the proposed date of consideration of adoption. 

- - - -

Adoption of the 2014-2015 Salary Schedule for Employees of the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board, Effective July 1, 2014.    Mr. Stephen Langlois presented the proposed salary schedule for employees of the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board, effective July 1, 2014.  Superintendent D’Amico reviewed the changes made for clarification and consistency measures (i.e., special hourly rates for tutors or other employees with a 4 year college degree; clerical, janitorial; high school head coach/middle school coaches; and hourly substitute rates for child attendants) that was highlighted in yellow. 


Mr. James Cline made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Leslie Grezaffi, to adopt the 2014-2015 salary schedules for employees of the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board, effective July 1, 2014. The motion carried.

- - - -

Consider Posting the Possibility of a Reduction in Force.  Superintendent D’Amico requested the Board table the agenda item as she would like to review enrollment numbers prior to posting a RIF.  She stated a 30 day notice would be sufficient; therefore, if necessary, this item will be revisited at the September or October meetings.


On a motion by Mrs. Leslie Grezaffi, seconded by Mr. Kevin Hotard, the agenda item to consider posting a possible reduction-in-force was tabled.  The motion carried.

- - - -

Adoption of Revisions to Policies.   Ms. LaShonda Victorian, Supervisor of Welfare and Attendance, announced she had presented five policies for consideration of revision at a previous meeting for inclusion in the student handbook.


Mrs. Anita LeJeune made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Leslie Grezaffi, to adopt revisions to policies (JCDB) Mandatory Dress Code ;(JCDA) Student Code of Conduct; (JBC) School Admission; (JR) Student Records; and (JCDAE) Electronic Telecommunication Devices for the 2014-2015 school term.  The motion carried.

- - - -

Adoption of the 2014-2015 Student Code of Conduct Handbook.   Ms. LaShonda Victorian, Supervisor of Welfare and Attendance, announced School Board members were provided a draft copy of the 2014-2015 student handbook.  Ms. Victorian provided the following three options for consideration: Option 1- Print handbooks for all students; Option 2- Print one handbook per household, with the handbook available on-line; Option 3 – Handbook available on-line only, with the capability to request a printed copy. 


Mrs. Anita LeJeune made a motion, seconded by Mr. Kevin Hotard, to adopt the 2014-2015 Student Code of Conduct Handbook with approval of Option 2 (one handbook per household, with the handbook available on line). The motion carried.

- - - -

Discussion and/or Action Regarding an Off-Site Alternative School.  Superintendent D’Amico stated Mr. Donald Fuselier, Director of Maintenance and Support Services, was charged with the job of assisting her with finding an alternative school site for the upcoming school year.  Mr. Fuselier visited four sites; however, the disadvantages of these sites were found to be too costly to renovate or enlarge, including restrooms.  A survey of spaces to be utilized by students was made by the administration and it was determined that a two classroom building, with restroom facilities, could provide space for an Off-Site Alternative School for the 2014-2015 school year.  Mr. Fuselier provided information regarding the estimated cost of a five year lease purchase of a 2009, or newer, modular building in excellent condition consisting of two classrooms/two restrooms that will meet Louisiana building codes; and the itemized list of the cost associated with the set-up of a used building. Mr. Fuselier strongly recommended the lease purchase of a modular building, placing its location on the south side of the School Board’s Central Office at 337 Napoleon Street, New Roads, LA.  Superintendent D’Amico stated Principals have been requesting an off campus site since 2011.  Finance Committee Chairperson Brandon Bergeron reiterated the Finance Committee recommends the plan to have an Off-Site location for an alternative school since ($46,000 hard cost $27,000 1st year). Superintendent D’Amico provided a brief description regarding students with 20 days or more suspension, 12 years of age and up; K-12 computerized curriculum instruction, as well as on site teachers to assist students to keep students engaged and motivated.  Mrs. D’Amico stated the current staff working in AIP at the schools will be transferred to this center, with additional paras for the time-out rooms at the individual schools. Superintendent D’Amico stated depending on the special education program, the Alternative School will be staffed with an Administrator in Charge (Teacher); three teachers, and one paraprofessional.  Twenty-seven Windows 7 lap-tops being refurbished will be utilized.  Board member Anita LeJeune mentioned adequate staff is needed to provide the rigorous education reform essential for students to get back in their regular school; a counseling component is also needed.  Mrs. D’Amico stated the Innis Health Clinic has a Social Worker and they provide services to students at the Alternative School.


Mrs. Anita LeJeune made a motion to approve Superintendent D’Amico’s recommendation for an offsite Alternative School that will be located in the back of the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board’s Central Office Building.  Mr. James Cline seconded the motion.  Mr. Chad Aguillard requested a roll call. 


Yeas:  Frank Aguillard, Brandon Bergeron, James Cline, Leslie Grezaffi, Kevin Hotard, 

           Anita LeJeune and Thomas Nelson                   

Nays:  Chad Aguillard

Abstentions:  None


The motion passed by a 7-1 vote of the School Board.  Mr. Chad Aguillard stated his reasons are in the record why he voted against the motion.

- - - -

Remarks from the Superintendent.  Superintendent D’Amico announced the Annual Stuff the UPS campaign on Saturday, August 9, 2014, from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., being held in the parking lot at Wal-Mart on Hospital Road.  Mrs. D’Amico welcomed volunteer assistance to join her and “Big” Brown for this event.  Mrs. D’Amico mentioned she will be out of the office the week of July 28, 2014-August 1, 2014. Mary Wells, Stephen Langlois and Donald Fuselier will be the Administrators-in-Charge during her absence. 

- - - -

Strategy Session and/or Action Concerning Pending Litigation.   President Frank Aguillard stated an item is on the agenda regarding a strategy session and/or action concerning pending litigation* and there may be an executive session to discuss this litigation, which is entitled Tessie M. Mouton on behalf of Kolby Keith Johnson, et al v. Louisiana High School Athletics Association, Inc. Suite No: 630,120; Sec: 27; 19th JDC; Parish of East Baton Rouge. 


Mr. James Cline made a motion to enter into an executive session.  Mr. Brandon Bergeron seconded the motion. The motion carried.


Executive Session.   The School Board entered into an executive session at 6:26 p.m.


Mr. James Cline made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Anita LeJeune, to return to an open session.  The motion carried.


Open Session.  The School Board reconvened in open session at 7:13 p.m.


President Frank Aguillard announced the Board will not take any action on this agenda item. 

- - - -

The agenda having been completed, and there being no further business, President Frank Aguillard requested a motion for adjournment.


Adjournment.  On a motion by Mr. Thomas Nelson, seconded by Kevin Hotard, and having no objections, the meeting adjourned at 7:14 p.m.



Frank Aguillard, President



Linda D’Amico, Superintendent