1. The Child Comes First.  All things such as employment of teachers and other personnel, etc. are very important and should be done in the light of how they affect the child, educational program, and training.

  2. A School Board Is Responsible For Seeing That Schools Are Run But Does Not Run Them.  The School Boards employ the best professional administrator available and place the responsibility of the operation of the schools on him/her.

  3. School Board Members Function As A Board And Not Individuals.  The Board member as an individual has no authority.  His/her vote along with the votes of other Board members has tremendous power, but he/she alone, outside of an official meeting, is just an ordinary citizen, unless delegated specifically some authority by his/her Board.

  4. The Board Sets The Policy.  The Board sets up broad and general policies for the conduct of the schools and sees to it that the Superintendent and those under him/her work within the framework of those policies.  The application of these policies set by the Board is the responsibility of the Superintendent and those under his/her authority.

  5. The Line Of Authority Must Always Be Observed.  The Superintendent is responsible to the Board.  The staff and the faculty are responsible to the Superintendent.  By subĀ­division of authority the principal is responsible to the Superintendent, the teachers and staff are responsible to the principal.  The line of authority should be observed by all Board members.

  6. Know Your School.  The Board members need to know their schools, about schools in other systems, about trends in education, etc.

  7. Give Consideration To The Superintendent's Recommendations.  It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to weigh carefully all matters that are to come before the Board and recommend appropriate action.  The law specifically requires him/her to make recommendations, to nominate teachers and other employees and keep the Board informed.


Approved:  December 7, 1976


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board