The Pointe Coupee Parish School Board shall require all bus owners/operators whenever purchasing a school bus to purchase a bus that is no more than eight (8) years old, and equipped with an eight (8) light warning system.  Any used bus must be inspected prior to the purchase by an official from the Louisiana Department of Public Safety or any official who has expertise in the area of bus inspection.  The vehicle purchased must meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Standards as well as those standards outlined in Louisiana School Transportation Specifications and Procedures, Bulletin 119.


Any driver/owner currently employed by the School Board who wishes to change or purchase another bus must first obtain approval of the School Board based on recommendation from the Superintendent and Supervisor of Transportation prior to making purchase.


No wheelchair lifts shall be purchased and installed by the Board on privately-owned buses.


Revised:  March, 1986

Revised:  September, 1995

Revised:  January, 1988

Revised:  October, 1996

Revised:  November, 1991

Revised:  February 24, 2011

Revised:  July, 1995

Revised:  August 22, 2013



Ref:     Louisiana School Transportation Specifications and Procedures, Bulletin 119, Louisiana Department of Education

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Pointe Coupee Parish School Board