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It shall be the purpose of the food service program to provide well ­balanced meals that are nourishing at moderate prices in pleasant surroundings.  The program also provides a teaching situation in which the foods that children need for proper growth and development are served in an appetizing manner so hopefully they will be accepted.  The program also contributes to the social education of the child by providing an opportunity to practice good table manners.


The following food service policies shall be observed:


  1. All lunches must be served and eaten in the dining area and individual lunches must not be sent out of the school food service department.  Any deviations from this policy require approval from the Louisiana De­partment of Education.

  2. Only plate or tray-type lunches priced as units may be served.  Exceptions may be made in schools that have been approved by the Louisiana Department of Education to sell extra servings.

  3. Counter service for all ages, with each child handling his/her own plate or tray, is urged.  Steps are saved, food is hot and children learn valuable lessons in cooperation and coordination.

  4. All foods available at the lunch period must be a part of the regular meal pattern and included in the regular price payment requested for the lunch.  Extra servings may be sold at the time the student re­ceives his/her meal, for schools approved to sell extras.

  5. A choice within the framework of the meal pattern may be offered if adequate supervision and facilities are available.  These choices should be between foods of similar nutritive value such as Vitamin C-­rich foods, protein-rich foods, etc.

  6. Serving of lunches to persons having no official relationship or connection with the school is not permissible.  Only eligible adults shall eat in the school food service department.

  7. All eligible adults must pay for their lunches unless they are doing voluntary services for the food service department.  No exceptions will be made.

  8. Adults shall be served the same meal pattern as students and all foods available to adults shall be a part of the regular school lunch served the children.  Portions served should not exceed those served to students.

  9. Sale, donations, or barter of school food service food is prohibited.  No left-over foods, donated foods, or purchased foods may be sold except as used in the regular meal pattern and no foods, including leftovers, may be removed from the school food service department by food service personnel or other school personnel either for their own use or for the use of others.  Exceptions will be made only to schools approved to sell extra servings.

  10. No equipment or supplies shall be moved from the school food service department.  Foods for special functions should not be prepared in the kitchen during the regular work day.  Precautions shall be taken to ensure control over school food service foods, supplies, labor, equipment and USDA commodities, as well as to ensure that time of preparation and service does not interfere with preparation and service of the meal pattern.  A local policy to control these practices is obligatory for efficient operation.  Equipment and supplies may be transferred between School Food Service Departments.  Exceptions will be made in schools that have equipment that require state approval for transfers.

  11. When the school food service department is used by the school or community groups for food service, one or more of the food service employees shall be in charge to ensure control over school food service foods as well as to ensure proper use and care of equipment and facilities.

  12. Smoking shall not be permitted in the school food service department.

  13. Handwashing before mealtime shall be made available for all students and adults at school.

  14. Plates shall be served directly to children as they pass down the line (after a reasonable training period for beginning students).


In addition, the Board directs that no food or snack of any kind shall be sold from 12:00 midnight to the end of the last lunch period.


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board