It will be the policy of the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board that the following regulations will constitute the dress code for all employees during the normal hours of operation:


  1. Button-down oxford shirts with collars, knit shirts with collars, or uniform shirts may be worn by male teachers; all shirts must have collars.

  2. Jeans are not acceptable as part of the attire of instructional and office personnel.

  3. Short pants of any type are unacceptable.  Capri type pants must be worn at or below the knee.

  4. Casual or dress shoes must be worn by female and male employees.  Beach type flip-flops, swim shoes, house shoes, or slippers are not appropriate attire for any employee.

  5. Female employees must refrain from wearing see-through apparel and clothing that reveals cleavage.

  6. Low rider pants are unacceptable.

  7. Tattoos must be covered.

  8. T-shirts of any kind are unacceptable attire.

  9. Apparel displaying the following is not acceptable as part of employee attire:  slogans, advertisements of merchandise, a business establishment, organization, political campaign, and religious or church affiliation.  Only school related slogans or logos will be acceptable.


It is the intent of this dress code to promote and enhance professionalism among personnel and to set them apart from the student body of a school.


The principal and/or supervisor may grant permission for personnel to deviate from this code on special occasions, under certain extenuating circumstances, or due to job duties.


Revised:  July, 1991

Revised:  January, 2000

Revised:  July 22, 2010



Ref:     Board minutes, 6-27-91; 8-26-99, 10-28-99, 7-22-10


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board