The Pointe Coupee Parish School Board and members of the School District recognize the values of a well planned athletic program based on the needs of the pupils of junior and senior high school age.  Although interscholastic athletics serve to keep up school and pupil interest, in the final analysis a good physical education program for the whole school is the objective of educators.  As important as such a program is for our youth, academic preparation for future living must never be permitted to occupy a position of lesser importance in the minds of the pupils, the faculty, and the entire community.


The athletic programs within all schools of the parish shall be governed by the following provisions:


  1.  Interscholastic athletic competition at high school levels shall be operated in accordance with all rules of the Louisiana State High School Athletic Association.

  2. An interschool competitive sports program among the elementary schools which is of a varsity pattern with scheduled league games and a championship shall not be permitted for grades 1 through 6, and such a program is discouraged for grades 7 and 8 where these grades are part of an elementary school.  In contrast, the school shall develop effective physical education programs for all pupils.

  3. The principal and athletic director of each high school shall deter­mine the beginning and ending dates for each sport, provided these dates do not conflict with regulations of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.

  4. Prior to each school session, principals shall submit to the Superin­tendent a complete listing of coaching assignments.

  5. Athletic director and/or head coaches of all sports shall submit athletic schedules (approved by the principal) prior to the beginning of each sport to the Supervisor of Athletics.

  6. All coaches are encouraged to attend the annual L.H.S.A.A. coaching clinic prior to the start of football.  Additionally, coaches are also urged to attend various clinics and workshops for further in­service.

  7. Principals are encouraged to offer their assistance in athletics.  However, they will not be compensated for their assistance.

  8. Athletic coaches are strongly encouraged to limit practice sessions to a maximum of two and one-half hours after school.  Exceptions to this rule should only be made after being approved by the principal.

  9. Questions and problems from the schools may be directed to the supervisor of athletics, central office.

  10. Physical education teachers may be required to perform coaching duties.

  11. No student shall be eligible to represent his/her school in interscholastic athletics unless there is, on file in the principal's office, a physician's statement for the current year certifying that the pupil has passed an adequate physical examination.




Whenever a student engages in an interschool athletic program (junior or senior level), he/she shall have parental consent prior to any athletic participation.  The parent shall also sign a release form which shall release the Parish School Board from any liability in event of accident or injury to the student.


In order for a student to participate in athletics, he/she must subscribe to the student insurance plan or his/her parent must sign a statement indicating that he/she is properly covered by other insurance.


Parents shall be informed that neither the School Board nor the school is liable for any athletic injuries.


Parents of students holding student insurance shall be responsible for processing all student insurance claims and should collect or assemble all claims and bills necessary to be sent to the insurance company for processing.


Parents shall be informed that no insurance policy covers all medical and hospitalization bills.




The selection of students for all athletic awards, such as trophies, medals, jackets, sweaters, etc., is the responsibility of each respective public school in the parish.




The School Board does not furnish equipment and supplies for athletic teams.  These expenses are to be met with the gate receipts of the individual schools.




Special provisions have been established governing junior high school athletics as follows:


  1. The athletic director, with the approval of the principal, will determine the junior high athletic activities to be offered at each individual school.

  2. Age eligibility:

    Junior high athletes must not have reached their 15th birthday by September.

    Athletes who are not eligible for junior high athletics may compete with the high school athletic program if the student meets LSHAA standards.


  1. Games shall be played in the afternoon after school or early evening.  All practice sessions should not last any longer than one hour and fifteen minutes.

  2. No games in any sport shall be scheduled during the week of six-weeks exams without special permission from the principal.

  3. In the event that there is any question as to the principals recom­mendation in regard to a child not participating in athletics, a joint conference composed of the parents, principal, and coach involved shall be held immediately to resolve the matter.

  4. Emphasis shall be placed on skillful performance, maximum participation, healthful play, and good sportsmanship rather than on championship, schedules, and all-star teams in all junior high athletic programs.


Revised:  September, 1984



Ref:     Board minutes, 5-28-81, 7-26-84.


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board