The Pointe Coupee Parish School System is committed to a policy of educating children for living by helping them to develop an awareness and appreciation for the achievements, problems and aspirations of all people in our culturally diverse society.


The school system shall help children from all walks of life to gain the knowledge, skills and determination that will enable them to reach their highest potential and to contribute to the welfare of all mankind.


The school system shall establish and maintain an atmosphere in which all persons can develop attitudes and skills for effective, cooperative living, including:


  1. Respect for the individual regardless of economic status, intellectual ability, race, creed, color, religion, sex, or age;

  2. Respect for cultural differences;

  3. Respect for economic, political, and social rights of others; and

  4. Respect for the right of others to seek and maintain their own identities.


The school system shall continue to promote good human relations by removing all vestiges of prejudice and discrimination in employment, assignment and promotion of personnel; in location and use of facilities, in curriculum development and instructional materials; and in the availability of programs for children.  To ignore such concern is morally wrong, economically wasteful and socially dangerous.


The school system shall continue to re-examine thoroughly all parts of the curriculum to make sure that it emphasizes positive human relationships.


The instructional materials used in the schools must accurately portray the history, contributions, and culture of the various ethnic groups in our society.  Children from minority groups must be helped to establish their identity with their own group as well as with the total society.


It is essential that staff, students, parents and citizens become more aware of human relations concerns in the school and community.  The school system shall train all staff members to help them become more responsive to the needs of children and adults.  It shall also develop programs that will increase the awareness of students, parents and citizens of the cultural diversity of others.


With people moving from rural to urban areas, from cities to suburbs, and from one part of the nation to another, the public schools have an obligation to help children know and appreciate different physical environments, cultural backgrounds and life styles.


The school system shall continue to re-examine its policies and procedures to determine their effect on individual and group behavior and to make whatever changes are necessary to improve human relations.


The school system shall continue to take affirmative action to make opportunities for employment and promotion available to every individual solely on the basis of his/her qualifications and without regard to sex, age, race, color, creed or national origin.


The school system shall utilize every opportunity to work with other institutions and agencies to develop improved human relations in the community and to make channels available through which citizens can communicate their human relations concerns as well as to contribute their intellectual and moral resources for the solution of these concerns.


The Pointe Coupee Parish Public Schools must contribute to our national efforts to improve international understanding and cooperation by helping to reconcile group differences and by building understanding of the various interdependent cultures of the world.


Adopted:  December 7, 1976



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Pointe Coupee Parish School Board