1. Students will not be allowed to change schedules after the second week of any school year and then only with the principal's and teacher's permission.

  2. Permission to change schedules must be obtained from the principal’s office.  Changes will be made only in the best interest of the student as determined by the principal’s office.

  3. Teachers are not to encourage students to change schedules prior to consultation by the teacher with the principal.

  4. When a student drops out of a teacher's class (that is official notification of the drop is sent from the principal's office), the teacher must:


    1. Mark the reason, date, and student's destination on the status section of the student's registration card, on the teacher's class roster, and on the REMARK section of the student's cumulative card.

    2. Must send the student's cumulative folder to the counselor's office with proper notification, and,

    3. If possible, determine a grade for the current grading period for that student; unless the student drops at the beginning of a new grading period.




  1. If a teacher gains a student any time after the first day of school, the teacher must:


    1. Send the child to the principal's office indicating whether or not the child's name appeared on that teacher's computerized class roster.

    2. If student is returned to the teacher's room with principal's signature signifying that the student is indeed to be considered again, the teacher must: (a) fill out a registration card for the class and the principal's office, (b) fill out a cumulative card and make a cumulative folder, (c) make the student read, bring home and get signed a scheduling form, accident permit letter, and school rules and regulations sheet and record date of entry and reason for gain on regular card, class roster, and cumulative card.


Adopted:  December 7, 1976

Revised:  October 1998


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board