Purpose:  Any search pursuant to these guidelines is designed to deter the bringing of weapons and other dangerous items onto school grounds and to thereby reduce the potential for violent incidences.


General Guidelines and Procedures:


These guidelines are designed to ensure that searches conducted with a metal detector are lawful, unbiased, and respectful of the right of privacy.  Therefore, the principal or designee will be present when these searches take place.  Pointe Coupee Parish resource officers along with law enforcement officials shall be in charge of operating metal detectors in the schools.


Prior to conducting searches using metal detectors, school system officials shall take the following actions:





  1. The principal or designee and resource officer along with law enforcement officials will operate the walk-through metal detectors.

  2. All students entering the school may be subjected to the walk-through metal detectors, although the law enforcement officials or the school principal or designee could choose to limit the search by a pre-determined random or general formula.

    Example: Random - Search every third or fourth person entering school, every   other bus, or every other classroom.

    General - All students and spectators at an event are searched as they enter or all students at school today.  The school principal or designee and/or law enforcement officials are prohibited from selecting a particular student or spectator to search unless there is a reasonable suspicion to believe that the student or person is in possession of a weapon and/or dangerous instrument.

  3. The principal or designee or law enforcement officials will ask the student to place any bags or parcels on the table and remove all metal objects from his/her person, along with any metal objects from any bags, parcels, or other containers being carried.  After the above request has been made and the student has been given the opportunity to comply, the student will be asked to walk through the metal detector.

  4. If the detector activates on the person, the student will be asked to step out of line and to remove any remaining metal objects from his/her person.  The student will be asked to extend both hands out with the palms up.  The hand-held scanning device should be passed along the front, back, and both sides of the person being scanned without touching the body.  If the hand-held scanning device also activates, the law enforcement official or principal or designee will ask the student once again to produce the signal-triggering metal object.

  5. If the student refuses to produce the metal object, then a reasonable suspicion will be deemed to exist and the individual will be personally searched ("pat down") by the principal or designee of the same sex.  At least one witness of the same sex as the student shall be present throughout the search.

  6. If a student is personally searched (as outlined in the preceding paragraph), then his/her parent or guardian shall be notified.

  7. Any illegal objects (i.e., firearms, knives, or other implements which can be used as weapons) found during the search will be turned over to law enforcement officials.

  8. If the metal detector activates on any bags, parcels, or other containers being carried by the student, a request to remove any remaining metal objects from the said container shall be made.  If the student refuses, and the hand-held scanning device activates again, then a reasonable suspicion exists and a search of the container in question will be conducted.  Should any illegal object be found during the search, it will be turned over to law enforcement officials.



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Board minutes, 7-22-04


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board