Any student may be suspended for an offense by the principal should the need arise.  The following suspensions shall be applicable:


  1. Short-term Suspension - denial of school attendance for five (5) days or less.

  2. Long-term Suspension - denial of school attendance for a period in excess of five (5) days but not beyond nine (9) days.


Absence Due to Suspension


Students missing school as a result of any suspension shall be counted as absent and shall be given failing grades for those days suspended with no make-up work allowed.


Suspension Procedure


  1. The student shall be given notice in writing, stating the specific charge for which he/she is being suspended.  A copy of this notice shall be sent to the parent or guardian of the student, and to the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.

  2. The student shall have the right to explain his/her version of the facts concerning the charges.

  3. If the presence of a student poses a danger to persons or property or is considered highly likely to disrupt the orderly processes of the school, the student may be removed from the premises.  (In such cases a hearing will follow as soon as practical.)

  4. Principals shall not suspend a student more than ten (10) days without a hearing before the Superintendent or his/her designee.

  5. A student suspended for damages to any property belonging to or contracted by the school system, including school buses, shall not be readmitted until payment in full for the damage has been paid or until directed by the Superintendent.

  6. A suspended student will be denied the opportunity to participate or attend any extracurricular activities at school for the duration of his/her suspension.



Any student may be expelled for any of the offenses for which principals and/or teachers may administer disciplinary action, upon recommendations of the principal of the public school in which the student is enrolled.  The following regulations shall govern expulsions within the school system:


  1. Only the Superintendent or his/her designee shall conduct expulsion hearings.

  2. All students who have been suspended three (3) times, upon committing an offense necessitating a fourth suspension, shall be recommended for expulsion.

  3. A student may be recommended for expulsion and, indeed, may be expelled for committing a single act of misconduct, if the offense is sufficiently serious.

  4. At the expulsion hearing, the student has the right to have any witness he/she chooses testify in his/her behalf and he/she may be represented by an attorney, if such is the choice of the student or his/her parent or guardian.

  5. The student and/or his/her parents have the right to appeal the Superintendent's decision to the School Board within five (5) days of receipt of the same.  Otherwise the Superintendent's decision is final.


Revised:  September, 1984

Revised:  January, 1995

Revised:  February, 1987

Revised:  July, 1997

Revised:  February, 1989

Revised:  September, 1997

Revised:  June, 1990

Revised:  October, 1998

Revised:  January, 1994

Revised:  July, 1999



Ref:     Board minutes, 7-26-84, 1-22-87, 11-17-88, 6-28-90, 10-14-94, 10-9-98


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board