Many students are troubled by problems which interfere not only with their academic and co-curricular performance, but with their emotional, physical, mental, and social development as well.  Therefore, the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board will establish a Student Assistance Program, the main goal of which shall be to systema¬≠tically and professionally respond to students' problems as they are manifested in school.  The Student Assistance Program will provide a structured, organized approach to all schools within the Parish to offer assistance to students troubled by physical, emotional, social, legal, medical, familial, or chemical use problems.  It will also provide a structured, organized liaison between the school and outside agencies.  This would include monitoring the educational program of students in a treatment facility and assisting in the adjustment of the student returning from an outside placement.  Other objectives of the program are:


  1. To encourage students to seek assistance to determine if personal problems are causing unsatisfactory academic or co-curricular performance.  If performance problems are corrected, no further action will be taken.

  2. To work cooperatively with parents and guardians to resolve student problems.  Parents and guardians will be contacted as soon as possible when appropriate.

  3. To provide for preliminary assessment of student problems and referral if appropriate.  Costs for diagnostic and treatment services outside the school are the responsibility of parents or guardians.


All records and discussions of personal problems shall be handled in a confidential manner.  These records shall be kept at the designated counseling resource and shall not become a part of the student's cumulative file.


The Board recognizes the responsibility of the school in responding to student problems.  The school also recognizes its role and responsibility to prevent problems and promote health as part of a comprehensive program.


Recoded:  March, 2007



Ref:     Board minutes, 3-27-86


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board