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Regulations governing the use of school facilities shall include the following:


  1. No lay group has any authority as a group in the administration of the school or carrying on any of its extra activities.  Such groups are organized for the purpose of assisting the teachers, the children and the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board in providing more satisfactory opportunities and adequate facilities for the children of the parish.  They should function as an adjunct of the school.

  2. In each community where Parent Teacher Association, Parent's Club, A Better School Club, A Mother's Club, or any such lay group has been organized, all money collected in the name of the school should be accu­rately accounted for to the school principal.

  3. In reference to use of the school buildings, specific regulations to be followed are:


    1. All school property can be used for any school extra-curricular activity.

    2. Release time shall be given to school children for religious instruction, but said instruction should not be given on school property.  All details such as time and place must be worked out with the school principal.

    3. Any use of the school buildings for pay entertain­ments must be limited to organizations only such as church, fraternal orders, Red Cross, Cancer drives, March of Dimes, and the like.

    4. Any permission to use the school building, other than for school purposes, must be obtained from the principal and Superintendent and they shall decide if the proposed use conforms to the intent and purpose of Board policy.  All requests must be made in writing.

    5. When school property is used, the organization using the property will be asked to pay actual expenses of the use of the building and equipment and to replace any and all damages done to the building or equipment (said cost to include such items as lights, janitor's services, etc.).

    6. Whenever the building is used by anyone, other than the schools, it must be done under the supervision of the schools.


Adopted: December, 1976



Ref:     Board minutes, 7-21-71


Pointe Coupee Parish School Board