Title 17. Education

Chapter 1. General School Law

Part IX. Family-School Partnerships


17:406.9        Parents’ Bill of Rights for Public Schools


A. The legislature finds all of the following:


(1) That parental involvement is a significant factor in increasing student achievement.


(2) That access to student information encourages greater parental involvement.


B. Parents of public school children shall have all of the following rights:


(1) To examine the textbooks, curriculum, and supplemental material used in their child’s classroom.


(2) To inspect their child’s school records, including all of the following:


(a) Academic records.


(b) Medical or health records.


(c) Records of any mental health counseling.


(d) Records of any vocational counseling.


(3) To be notified when medical services are being offered to their child, except where emergency medical treatment is required. In cases where emergency medical treatment is required, the parent shall be notified as soon as practicable after the treatment is rendered.


(4) To be notified if a criminal action is deemed to have been committed against their child or by their child.


(5) To be notified if law enforcement personnel question their child, except in cases where the parent has been accused of abusing or neglecting the child.


(6) To be notified if their child is taken or removed from the school campus without parental permission.


(7) That the school shall not discriminate against their child based upon the sincerely held religious beliefs of the child’s family.


(8) To receive written notice and the option to opt their child out of any surveys that include questions about any of the following:


(a) The student’s sexual experiences or attractions.


(b) The student’s family beliefs, morality, religion, or political affiliations.


(c) Any mental health or psychological problems of the student or a family member.


(9) To receive written notice and have the option to opt their child out of instruction on topics associated with sexual activity.


C. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, a public school shall not be required to release any records or information regarding a student’s medical or health records or mental health counseling records to a parent during the pendency of an investigation of child abuse or neglect conducted by any law enforcement agency or the Department of Children and Family Services where the parent is the target of the investigation, unless the parent has obtained a court order.


Added by Acts 2014, No. 699, § 1.