Title 17. Education

Chapter 2. Teachers and Employees

Part II. Tenure

Subpart A. Teachers in General


17:444     Promotions to and employment into positions of higher salary and tenure


A. Repealed by Acts 2012, No. 1, § 4, eff. July 1, 2012.


B. (1) Whenever a teacher who has acquired tenure, as set forth in R.S. 17:442, in a local public school system or the special school district is promoted by the superintendent by moving such teacher from a position of lower salary to one of higher salary, such teacher shall not be eligible to earn tenure in the position to which he is promoted, but shall retain any tenure acquired as a teacher, pursuant to R.S. 17:442.


(2), (3) Repealed by Acts 2012, No. 1, § 4, eff. July 1, 2012.


(4)(a)(i) Except as provided otherwise by R.S. 17:54(B), relative to the maximum term of a superintendent of schools elected by a city or parish school board, the employment provided for in this Section shall be for a term of not less than two years, except when such employment is for a temporary position, nor more than four years, and said term shall be specified in a written contract, which shall contain performance objectives.


(ii) Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S. 42:3 and except as provided otherwise by R.S. 17:54(B), relative to the maximum term of a superintendent of schools elected by a city or parish school board, the term of employment provided in this Section may be for a longer period of time than the term of office of the employing school board.


(b) Except as otherwise provided in this Subsection, any person promoted to a higher position pursuant to this Section shall possess a standard Louisiana teaching certificate as well as appropriate administrative/supervisory endorsement when a teaching certificate is a qualification requirement for the post to which the person is being promoted. Any person holding a provisional teaching certificate shall not be promoted to a higher position, except when a person meeting the requirements of this Subsection is not available for employment within the parish or city school system subject to all other requirements as provided by law.


(c)(i) The board and the employee may enter into subsequent contracts of employment. Not less than one hundred and twenty days prior to the termination of such a contract, the superintendent shall notify the employee of termination of employment under such contract, or in lieu thereof the board and the employer may negotiate and enter into a contract for subsequent employment.


(ii) The employee may choose not to enter into subsequent contracts and may either terminate his employment or, if he has acquired permanent status as a teacher, resume employment as a teacher.


(iii) The employee shall be retained during the term of a contract unless the employee is found incompetent or inefficient or is found to have failed to fulfill the terms and performance objectives of his contract. However, before an employee can be removed during the contract period, he shall have the right to written charges and a hearing before a disciplinary hearing officer in the manner provided in R.S. 17:443.


(iv) The board shall negotiate and offer a new contract at the expiration of each existing contract unless the superintendent recommends against a new contract based on an evaluation of the contractee as provided for in R.S. 17:391.5, or unless failure to offer a new contract is based on a cause sufficient to support a mid-contract termination as provided in Item (iii) of this Subparagraph, or unless the position has been discontinued, or unless the position has been eliminated as a result of district reorganization, provided that should the position be re-created, the employee, if still employed by the board, shall have first right of refusal to the re-created position.


(v) If the contracted employee is removed or not renewed and had previously acquired permanent status as a teacher, he shall be returned to his former position as a teacher or to a position paying the same salary as his former position as a teacher unless he chooses to terminate his employment.


(d) Prior to the board’s approval of any initial or subsequent contract of employment pursuant to the provisions of this Section, the superintendent shall disclose all terms of such a contract to the board.


(5) The provisions of this Subsection shall apply only to those whose promotion to or employment in a higher position as provided herein, occurs on or after August 1, 1985.


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