41:1214      Advertisement and bids

A. If the lessor determines that the lands in question may be leased, the lessor, except as may be provided to the contrary in Title 30, Title 31, Title 56, and other provisions of Title 41 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, relative to fisheries, wildlife, and timber, shall publish an advertisement in the official journal of the parish where the land is located setting forth a description of the land to be leased, the time when bids therefor will be received, and a short summary of the terms, conditions, and purposes of the lease to be executed. If the lands are situated in two or more parishes, the advertisement shall appear in the official journals of all parishes in which the lands are located. The advertisement shall be published for a period of not less than fifteen days and at least once a week during three consecutive weeks. The lessor may also send notices to those whom it may think would be interested in submitting bids for the leases.

Amended by Acts 1990, No. 945, Sec. 1.

B. The lessor may on its own initiative advertise for bids for any lease as provided herein but without application therefor. The applications and bids provided for in this Part shall be secret, sealed applications and bids and shall be forwarded through the United States mail to the lessor at its domiciled address.

C. The advertisements in accordance with this Section shall constitute judicial advertisements and legal notices within the contemplation of Chapter 5 of Title 43 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes [In subsec. C, Chapter 5 of Title 43, see R.S. 43:200 et seq.].

D. Each person who submits a bid shall deposit with the bid an amount equal to ten percent of the bid but not less than seventy-five dollars. The deposit shall be in the form of a certified check or a money order.

Amended by Acts 1972, No. 150, Sec. 1; Acts 1984, No. 807, Sec. 1; Acts 1990, No. 945, Sec. 1.