Pointe Coupee Parish School Board
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       Section A
       Section B
       Section C
       Section D
       Section E
       Section F
          FA, Facility Expansion Program Goals and Objectives
          FD, Long-Range Planning
          FDA, Long-Range Planning Involvement
          FDBB, Obsolescence Determination
          FEAF, Local/State Government Involvement in Project Planning
          FFA, Bond Sales
          FGC, Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards
          FGD, Contracts
          FGE, Surety Bonds
          FGF, Supervision of Construction
          FHA, Board Inspection and Acceptance of New Facilities
          FHB, Staff Orientation to New Facilities
          FI, Temporary School Facilities
       Section G
       Section H
       Section I
       Section J
       Section K
       Section L
       Section M