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STEM Students Explore “The Making of a Scientist”

STEM Students Explore “The Making of a Scientist”

Students in Mrs. Bridget Berry's 5th grade began their state reading curriculum with Unit 1, "The Making of a Scientist," in a very exciting way!  Groups of four students were given aluminum foil, pipe cleaners, tape, an index card, a muffin foil liner, and a large craft pom-pom.  Students had 20 minutes to build a perch for their pom-pom. Students did a great job of working together to achieve the task!


After building the perch, the students jointly read their unit novel, The Templeton Twins Have an Idea, a novel about two children whose father is a science professor and inventor.  The book highlights the fascinating inventions created by the father in the story.

The students have been pairing the novel with several non-fiction texts involving science. One of the non-fiction pieces included information about scientific inquiry and the scientific method.  After reading this article, students developed a hypothesis and completed an experiment regarding what would happen to Skittles when covered with water.  Students tested their hypothesis and recorded their results.