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LHS Student Speaks to SMA's Media Production Class

LHS Student Speaks to SMA's Media Production Class

Today’s teens are part of a digital generation. For them, technology is a staple in everyday activities. It is a means of productivity, entertainment, and education. Students in STEM’s Media Production Class recently welcomed a guest speaker, who is also a peer, to their class for a workshop.

Darius Caesar, of Livonia High School, petitioned his class at the end of last school year to drum up interest in a new Media Production class.  He presented his vision and goals to the administration, and he was able to gain enough interest and momentum to have the class implemented for the 2017-2018 school year. Darius has been instrumental in producing and editing weekly broadcasts at LHS and credits his knowledge to being self-taught while exploring similar productions at high schools throughout the state.  

His vast knowledge of video production was evident when he presented his technology-based lesson to the sophomore elective class at SMA.   The students were thoroughly engaged in Darius’s instructional ways and realized the value of trying new things and learning from others.  Cooperative learning and collaboration were more visible than ever as students from across Pointe Coupee worked together with the common goal of producing a broadcast for their two schools.

The faculty and staff of Livonia High School commend Darius Caesar for taking the initiative to further his skills and commend his work with his peers at SMA.  The faculty and Media Production Class at SMA are grateful for Darius’s willingness to share his knowledge with other teens.