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Class of 2022 Jump Starts Their High School Careers

Class of 2022 Jump Starts Their High School Careers

Orientation Team Leaders awaiting the Class of 2022 Orientation Team Leaders awaiting the Class of 2022
Anxious and excited ninth graders descended upon the campus of Livonia High School to get a head start on their high school transition before the school year.  Freshmen Orientation was conducted at LHS the week prior to the beginning of the 2018 school year. The students began their day by checking in and watching a student-produced video of the expectations for the day.  They received their schedules and started a very engaging and fun-filled day of activities.

The Orientation Team, which is composed of a select group of seniors, planned and orchestrated the entire day to make sure the first time high school students would be comfortable at the beginning of the school year and would begin to develop a sense of LHS community.  The Mentors and Mentees, also called the M&Ms, were involved in a variety of games, took part in team building activities, participated in competitions, and toured the campus. The freshmen were able to meet with many school personnel and ended the day with the legendary “What Not to Wear Uniform Edition” fashion show.

LHS implemented the M&M Freshmen Orientation Program, led by Kristie Langlois, over nine years ago with many goals in mind.  The overall purpose and the most important objectives are to provide support and familiarity to ninth graders with the hopes of keeping them on track and graduating in four years. The national movement towards a Freshmen Academy is to give extra focus on this particular age group of students to ensure academic success throughout high school.  This proven approach has been adapted to fit the LHS mission and provides monthly support to all ninth graders in a relaxed, student-led environment.