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It’s A Bug’s Life at Livonia

It’s A Bug’s Life at Livonia

Mr. Chenevert’s Agriculture Class has been learning about the benefits and harmfulness of insects to crops. During a recent unit, students had to create an insect collection and label them with their scientific names and common names. Students also had to construct a display case for their collection. Students began to ask, “Why do we have to learn this?” Mr. “Scooter” Lacoste was invited to the class to answer that question.

Mr. Lacoste graduated from LSU in Vocational Agriculture before becoming an independent crop consultant. He informed the students he had to make an extensive insect collection for his entomology class during his undergraduate work.   Mr. Lacoste announced to the class that he would have loved having experienced the subject matter they were learning before going to college.  Scooter emphasized that the lesson the students were learning included knowledge he uses on his job daily.  Naming insects invading a field and knowing life cycles of certain insects helps him to determine if or when a crop needs to be sprayed. Another determining factor is to know if the insects will destroy a farmer’s crop, or will they help eliminate harmful insects from the crop. This will help eliminate spraying.

Mr. Lacoste shared that he had many classes in college that he enjoyed and some that he even struggled through. However, with persistence, he was able to reach the goal of owning his own agricultural consultant business.  He stressed to the students that nothing comes easy.

It did not take the class long to appreciate the message that was being presented in their high school agriculture class.

Mr. Scooter Lacoste is pictured with Mr. Chenevert’s agriculture class at Livonia High School. Students are showing some of their insect collections.