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What’s the Talk at Rougon?         

What’s the Talk at Rougon?         

Rougon Elementary is working to build leadership within our school. Our focus on student achievement is guiding our mission to become a community of leaders. We pledge to L-E-A-D: to LEARN something new every day, ENCOURAGE others, ACHIEVE goals together, and DO the right thing. 

Rougon teachers are enticing students to create a school culture of Leaders Who Are Readers! We have set a goal that 100% of our students will end the year on-level in reading or achieve one year’s growth in reading. We are excited about this challenge and plan to share many opportunities for parents and community members to join us in reaching our goal! Currently, our kindergarten through second-grade students are competing in the 100 Book Challenge! Students are challenged to read 100 books or more!

Rougon teachers and students are engaging in relationships that help us learn and grow as leaders. We have planned monthly activities that invite parents and community members to join us in fostering relationships through content-rich activities. This month our family night is geared around games that families can play to help our students learn content and relationship skills such as responsibility, cooperation, and turn-taking. 

We are proud of our school community and the work that is being done to make our world a better place. We have started the year off with success and plan to have a great year! 

       -  Marcie Cazayoux, Principal, Rougon Elementary School