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UPCE Students Flex their “Science Muscles”

UPCE Students Flex their “Science Muscles”

October is underway at UPCE and that means it’s time for Science Fair! Students in grades 5-8 are collaborating with their classmates to research a topic and ask a question about how something works. From there, each dynamic duo will research their question, design an entire experiment, and answer the question for themselves. After the experiment is done and a conclusion is reached, students will present their findings to their classmates as well as members of the local community, where they can win prizes and receive recognition for all their hard work!

Topics thus far include:

  • How will the flavor of Mentos affect the height of a soda geyser?
  • How will adjusting the amount of lemon juice in an invisible ink recipe alter the legibility of the invisible ink?
  • How will the type of water affect how a piece of metal rusts?
We are super excited to watch our students develop a curiosity about the world they live and can’t wait to see their completed projects!


 Article Written By: David Rose, 6th-8th grade Science Teacher