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Bulldogs are Gaining Mathematical Proficiency in Base Ten

Bulldogs are Gaining Mathematical Proficiency in Base Ten

Ms. Cobb’s Second Grade class at UPCE has been exercising their brain muscles in math to learn “Numbers and Operations in Base Ten.”  To assist the students’ understanding of this standard, Base Ten Blocks were used to provide a hands-on approach to learn place value, number concepts, operations, measurements and much more!

Students had fun using little yellow units to represent ones, long blue rods to represent tens, orange flats to represent hundreds, and large green cubes to represent thousands. Exploration with these concrete models provided an opportunity for students to physically represent what they are learning for the development of  a deeper understanding of the meaning of each concept. 

Through these engaging hands-on activities, second grade students now see the logical development of addition and subtraction when using two and three-digit numbers!

Article Written By: Monica Cobb, Second Grade Teacher