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The Study of Trees at UPCE

The Study of Trees at UPCE

Head Start students in class 148 at UPCE, led by Ms. Beulah Epps and Mrs. Brenda Zayas, were introduced to the study of “TREES” by taking the study outside. During a tree walk, the children were able to actually use their senses to gain up close and personal knowledge of the trees. They were able to touch, see, smell and collect tree parts while asking an array of questions about each one to expand their knowledge. In this activity the children learned about different parts of a tree, how they function as an entire system, and how food is made and stored as an introduction to photosynthesis.

While enjoying the trees on the back edge of the school very near our building, we were able to tell the children about two types of trees we will look closely at during our study. They were the Evergreen and Deciduous trees.

Upon our return to the class, the children were then able to look at tree cookies from different trees while using magnifying glasses to see the five main layers and talk about what each layer does. Their study consisted of tree cookies from a variety of trees such as; Fig Tree, Cypress tree, Pecan tree, Gum tree and White Oak tree. Our study of trees are off to a great start. We look forward to learning and teaching more about our trees.

Article Written By: Beulah Epps/Brenda Zayas