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3rd Grade Bulldogs Conquer Multiplication

Upper Pointe Coupee Elementary 3rd graders are working very hard on their multiplication facts. To help them with memorization, they are using a variety of resources from hundreds’ charts, multiplication flowers, as well as thirty (30), one of their favorite games!  Thirty (30) is a skip counting game students enjoy playing whenever there are 5 minutes to spare at the end of class. Students get in one big circle and they skip, counting by 3s;; students have to take a seat when it lands on 30; however, they can say up to 3 numbers at a time and the last one standing wins! Recently, students have started multiplication by multiples of ten and they are using the knowledge received from this game to help. After students have perfected their 3s, they will play 40; same rules but skip counting by 4! It is great seeing students having fun while learning!

Article Written By: Desara Brault, 3rd Grade Math Teacher

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