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Dream Big, Stay Focused, and Work Hard

Dream Big, Stay Focused, and Work Hard

Congratulations to Wildcat alumni Patrick Queen for being named Defensive Player of the Game in the historic 2020 National Championship. 

Patrick, who is deeply rooted in Pointe Coupee Parish, often credits his family and God for blessing and supporting him along his journey.  Patrick’s talent and work ethic did not come overnight. He mentions his athletic journey and all of the components of being involved in extracurricular activities as a valuable part of his development and essential to making him who he is today. 

Patrick’s journey, and that of many other successful young adults, often begins when young people participate in school activities. Research shows that children who participate in clubs, activities, theater, music and sports learn a wide range of life skills that benefit them physically, socially, emotionally and mentally.  Participation in sports and activities is associated with a greater sense of belonging. Extracurricular opportunities provide safe settings for students to start new friendships and maintain existing ones. Advocates confirm students who participate in activities, regardless if the activities are academic, social, talent driven or sports oriented, have higher levels of self-esteem.

Urge your children to participate in programs in both their schools and communities. In addition to developing as young men and women, they’ll also develop as decision-makers, communicators, teammates and individuals.

Livonia High School is committed to providing a safe learning environment where students achieve academic success and become productive contributors of a diverse community.  

We are proud that Patrick Queen exemplifies our mission and credits his extended family of teammates, coaches and community members as being part of his success.