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Bingo Fun

The end of the second nine weeks has ended so students at Valverda had their PBIS Day! PBIS Days at Valverda are to reward the students who demonstrated positive behavior at the end of each nine week period. A fun event is held at the end of each nine weeks to show the students that their excellent behavior has been noticed. As well as PBIS Days to recognize students’ good behavior, students are also participating in a Kindness Challenge this month where each day they have a challenge to meet for being kind to others. This will help students show their kindness to students and teachers throughout the school. For PBIS for the second nine weeks, students were able to play Bingo during their ancillary time. They also had the opportunity to win prizes for their matching numbers! The students enjoyed playing Bingo and were competitive in their game, being attentive to make sure each number was recorded so that they had the opportunity to win a prize. They are looking forward to our next PBIS Day at the end of the next nine weeks. Keep up the great work Valverda Kittens!