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5th Grade Bulldogs are Out of This World!

5th Grade Bulldogs are Out of This World!

Fifth grade bulldogs are deep in The Making of a Scientist ELA unit, where they’re using the skills they’ve developed this year to engage in rich, complex scientific texts. Recently, students were able to present on planets that they researched using a grade-level text. Students excelled at this presentation:

  • In preparing for the presentation, students were able to practice the skill of finding the main idea and supporting details.
  • Students also engaged in mini-lessons to support their use of Google Slides in preparing their presentations, an important skill for their professional futures
  • Students were able to practice public speaking skills - and are certainly starting to get the hang of it! 
After presentations, students were able to give each other constructive feedback and discuss what they’d learned from each other’s presentations. In this sort of jigsaw, students were able to focus on one planet while still being able to build fundamental background knowledge on all of them! Our fifth graders sure are shining stars for rising to this challenge!

Article Written By: Renata Barsanti, 5th Grade ELA Teacher