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Fun with Club Day

The last Friday of February was our second Club Day at Valverda Elementary! Club Day allows the Valverda Kittens a chance to show their strengths doing fun activities, other than academics, during the school day at the end of each month. Students were able to visit their club for the second time to learn new skills and utilize their creativity and imagination. Clubs which the students could have chosen to attend are: Yoga Club, Choir Club, Sports Club, Board Games Club, Craft Club, among many other types of clubs to fit their interests. 

For their second Club Day, students participated in a variety of activities. Many of the activities were focused on the upcoming holiday of Mardi Gras. In the craft clubs, students learned how to create and decorate masks as well as create Mardi Gras bead dogs out of reused Mardi Gras beads. The students enjoyed getting to spend time showing their strengths in creative activities as well as getting the time to interact with peers of different ages. They are looking forward to our next Club Day!
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